Thursday, March 13, 2014

Eagle Rock Trail



On the day we arrived at El Chorro Regional Park we tried to hike up the hill to Eagle Rock. Instead of taking the real trail, we found another trail that we thought would take us there. It was a nice hike but we never did get up to our destination.


After finishing our chores yesterday we decided to give it another try. This time we found the trail, just past the dog park and through a gate. This huge live oak near the trailhead with sprawling limbs sure reminded us of Florida.


It’s not possible to get all the way to the top of Eagle Rock, as this is part of Camp San Luis Obispo, a base used by the California National Guard. We saw quite a few large military vehicles on the road above us, and stayed on our side of the fence.


We know California is in a state of drought, but it sure looks green to us after spending so much time in the desert.


We had a nice sunset last night.


And Sophie and Elvis have been entertained by the bluebird again this morning.


Today we’re heading back to the coast. The cats still hate moving days, but they have it pretty easy the rest of the time.



  1. Very pretty and green up there! We just moved to higher elevation in Cottonwood AZ and it still looks like winter here. The Sonoran desert was so green in comparison.

    Love the kitty photos!

  2. That looks like a beautiful area. And that sunset - wow - looks like a fire behind the trees. That's so funny to see the kitties playing with a bird through the window. Reminds me of Jewel watching the squirrels through our living room window.

  3. Great photos! I like the way you so thoroughly check out an area. I've been there many times and didn't see the things that you have. Makes me envious of full timers.

  4. Loved the pic of the kitties.... "Here Birdie, Come just a little closer"

  5. We are famous for creating our own trail (especially when returning). John always figures he can find what ever we are looking for if he knows the general directions. Gets us into some find messes. Good you took the real trail. Things look real green. Sure doesn't look like a drought area.

    Safe travels.