Monday, April 16, 2012

Aguirre Springs Recreation Area, Las Cruces, NM



We decided to spend another night at Leasburg Dam so we could do a hike at Aguirre Springs. This is a beautiful BLM campground about 15 miles east of Las Cruces, on the east side of the Organ Mountains. Jim and I hiked the Pine Tree Loop in 2009 but didn’t remember much about it. There are quite a few campsites that would fit our 30’ Lazy Daze, but the sign going up the 3 mile steep twisty road says the trailer length limit is 21’. We did see a class C motorhome that had to be at least 26’ long, though.


Starting at 5700’, the 4.5 mile loop trail climbs to 6800’ at the halfway point. Not having been at higher elevations for almost a year, it was a tough climb up and we almost turned around after an hour, but we persevered and had a much easier time going down the last 2 miles where we could appreciate the scenery a little more. It took us 2 1/2 hours to complete the hike.

January 2009



We could see the White Sands Missile Base and at one point even had a view of the sand at the White Sands National Monument.


We were tired and hungry so we stopped at Pizzeria Uno again for a pizza and a beer on our way home. Now that’s a great way to end a hike!


  1. Glad you are getting a lot of hiking in and with such great scenery too. We can't wait to get home to have a great pizza again.

  2. I liked the pic of the hollowed out tree. Sounds like you had a good hike.

  3. Looks like a very nice hike. Although the Gulf and ocean and springs in Florida are wonderful they don't have much in the way wilderness hikes.


  4. We would love that hike BUT we have found ourselves a bit light headed when we hike that height. The trail looks awesome though.
    Thanks for taking us along.