Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dust in the Wind


After a few days of threats of strong winds, they finally arrived late yesterday morning. We had sustained winds in the 30’s, with stronger gusts. After several years of spending time out west, we have gotten a bit more used to this kind of weather. Jim taped up the weep holes on our windows with painters tape, which does help keep some of the dust out, and we used our day indoors to do some chores we’ve been putting off.

At one point our view of the mountains was completely gone due to all the blowing dust in the air.


We decided yesterday after seeing other parts of the country getting sleet and snow or severe thunderstorms and tornados, a little dust storm isn’t too bad.

It’s been a good week in Las Cruces otherwise. Debbie and I spent 6 hours one day shopping at thrift stores, doing laundry, and buying some groceries, which gave Jim a nice break from me! We also went back to town for a late lunch at Pecan Grill and Brewery, where we had a good black bean burger with some of the best sweet potato fries we’ve ever eaten, and made it home before our 7:30 curfew.

And of course we’ve walked the trails here at Leasburg Dam several times. There are a couple miles of trails which connect the two camping areas and also take you down to the Rio Grande and the dam, which is the day use area of the park.  It’s a pretty walk along the river and through the tamarisk trees.




It’s a shame there is no camping by the river, but it’s a lovely spot for a picnic.


And Debbie’s cute little dog, Elliot, loves taking walks with us.


Next stop, back to Rockhound State Park in Deming.


  1. We too had high winds but no dust storm here at the Elks. That area does look so beautiful. They probably don't want camping for fear we "dirty" campers won't clean up after
    Hope you enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Hi...He is a little cutie, thanks.... sure wish Debbie had been holding him we're having rain here, which is badly needed. safe trip Pat

  3. I know what you mean about high winds in the west. After a while you just get used to them.

  4. Sorry about all the wind!! Sounds like you guys have gotten good at batting down the hatches.
    Love that picnic site!! So pretty and peaceful!!
    Nice pics today!! :-)

  5. Having pretty high winds here now in Kinder, but no bugs or sand so that is a blessing. Glad you are able to spend some time with Debbie and Elliot is a little cutie. Mmmm, wonder if Mickey would like him. Stay safe and hope the wind is at your back.

  6. Too bad about the dust storm but I guess every area has its own unique weather challenges. Hope it clears up soon. Loved the pictures - the river sure looks peaceful.