Thursday, April 26, 2012

Still At Rockhound



We are still here in Deming, NM at Rockhound State Park, although we did move to a different site farther down the hill. Strong winds were predicted and arrived this afternoon, so we are sitting at a better angle to take the 40+ mph gusts.

It has been a most enjoyable time here, as we have had many calm days and warm weather, so we’ve been able to hike, bike, and even sit outside in the evenings and be comfortable.

Jim and Elliot have really bonded. Nice to have a dog we can give back to Debbie.


We discovered there is a microbrewery in downtown Deming, Mimbres Valley Brewing Co. The food wasn’t great, but all the beer we tried was much better than average, a pleasant surprise.

Ever since the first time we came here in 2009, we always make an attempt to climb up the mountain behind the campgrounds. Someone we met that first time told us they did it, but we’ve never been able to find a way up that we were comfortable with. There is only about a mile of formal trails in the park, but with people coming here looking for rocks, there are worn paths all up the mountain. We’ve now tried three different times, and yesterday got higher than ever before. It was quite a view.


I nearly had to be rescued, though, since I had a panic attack when my foot slid on some loose rock and I had to sit down, unable to go up or down at that point. Jim had gone on ahead and had to come down and help me. I finally gained my composure, but that was it for me. I had no intention of sliding down this.


Jim continued his way up, but came to an area he wasn’t comfortable with, so he gave up, too. Here he is contemplating the way. (Don’t worry, Pat, your daughter did not join us!).


While we’ve been here we sent our Nikon S9100 off for repair. It is only 6 months old but it was refurbished, and Cameta Camera gives a one year warranty. Lately it had been freezing and would only function by removing and reinserting the battery. Also the autofocus was not focusing properly. We had been using Debbie’s camera but decided to order a cheap ($75) Canon A1200 as a backup. It arrived this morning so we went to adjacent Spring Canyon State Park for a hike and photo op. It seems to do a decent job, and with our bad camera luck, we won’t feel so bad if we drop it. And now we will have a spare after we get the Nikon back.

It was a great morning for a hike before the winds began.








I am still undecided about whether to go back to Mexico for my dental surgery on Monday, although I do have an appointment. I will probably go, but I just keep hoping the problem will go away. Wishful thinking! Either way, we will be going to Silver City sometime next week.


  1. The pics from the Canon look great! There is NO DOUBT I would definitely have a panic attack trying to climb a mtn -- any mtn! Be careful out there!

  2. Hi....You hadn't posted anything for so long I was getting worried, Glad you are enjoying my "grand baby dog" he's so cute. Glad your having fun thanks for the picture. Pat

  3. Welcome to the A1200 club. OFM and Shoeless Joe both have been using them. Seems to be a decent camera to us.

  4. You got some great photos even without the Nikon. I think I would be nervous too if I slipped on that rock. Sliding down that landscape would result in some serious road rash.

  5. I am also getting 45mph gusts here on 395. Had to stop as it was just to difficult driving in that much wind.

    I remember the time we hiked up that hill way back when. I didn't enjoy it either because of the slippage. Looks like you also did some hiking in Spring Canyon.

  6. Egads...I have been exactly where you were Gayle. When we climbed Enchanted Rock in TX. I got half way up and my legs started to shake. I sat down and couldn't move. I told not touch me. Finally, I got my wit about me and continued up. I am so glad you didn't continue. I did but then thought I had to climb all the way down not good.
    The area looks just gorgeous. Great photos.

  7. That's a very nice looking sight you have there. Good views out your door also.

  8. Gayle, glad you decided to come back down the mtn. to avoid any injuries. Hope you are enjoying the warm weather there. Miss you guys.