Monday, April 9, 2012

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo, NM




It was a beautiful 150 miles to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park yesterday, our second time here. We are so happy to have a view of mountains again.

Oliver Lee site 10 April 2012

The first time we made the drive from Brantley Lake to Alamogordo in February 2009 heading west along highway 82, we didn’t have a Mountain Directory West book, but that sure prompted us to buy one. It was quite a surprise after making the easy climb from Artesia at 3500’ to Cloudcroft at 8600’ over a distance of 70 miles, to descend down to 4300’ over the course of only 16 miles, on a very curvy road with steep drop offs.

Since that was our first ever drive on that kind of road and at those kinds of elevations, we had no idea it would be much more pleasant for both of us without the car hooked up to the motorhome. So yesterday we stopped at a truck brake check area in Cloudcroft and disconnected the car. Jim said it was a world of difference not having the extra weight of the car as he went down the mountain, and I enjoyed driving the car, watching the instant gas mileage vary from 80-99 mpg the entire 16 miles. It’s a very scenic drive across the Sacramento Mountains, and there were still some remnants of snow in places.

Last evening we took a short hike through Dog Canyon.



We love it here.



  1. I have a good friend who lives in Alamogordo -- she's a retired court reporter from Holloman AFB. I did my first flying eval board at Holloman -- we love NM too!

  2. Awesome pictures and gorgeous park. We definitely have to start staying at state parks. We love them back home. Would not want to pull the 5th wheel on that curvy road.

  3. I too loved it at Oliver Lee. I especially liked hiking through Dog Canyon. Plus Alamogordo is a neat town. Don't miss the space museum.

  4. I have not had internet for 4 days and have sorely missed your blog! Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

    I read about you unhooking the car and thought, "Hmmmmm - I wonder if I can teach Nonni or Bentley to drive?" LOL.

  5. Always wonderful to return to some place you really liked the first time and now you know it and can anticipate just what you want to do this time.

    WOW, now that's gas mileage. :-)


  6. Great idea disconnecting the car. We need to remember that. The photos are wonderful. Looks like an awesome park! Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver