Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leasburg Dam State Park, Las Cruces, NM


Leasburg Dam Site 2 April 2012

Since the dump station at Oliver Lee State Park was out of order indefinitely, we decided to move on to Leasburg Dam State Park, about 13 miles north of Las Cruces. We also wanted to see Debbie, our good friend whom we’ve traveled with quite a bit in the past. It was great to see her again after a year, and  it was nice to drive in and see another Lazy Daze. We plan on traveling together over the summer, or until she gets sick of us!


We stayed here over Christmas and New Years our first year of fulltiming, and enjoyed our time here. Las Cruces is a nice city and there are lots of hiking opportunities nearby.

We got a site with a great view, but there is a lot of dirt here and strong winds are predicted for the next few days, so I’m sure we’ll have a lot of blowing dust. But that’s just the way it is here.


The camp host told Debbie the gates are locked at 7:30, and she did have a key if we really needed to be out past then. That’s an early curfew even for us old folks! So we did the early bird thing and went into town at 5 for an excellent pizza at Pizzeria Uno. Sam’s Club was just down the road and Debbie has a membership, so after dinner we stopped there to pick up a few things. Got back to the park at 7:29 and the camp host was standing at the gate getting ready to lock it. Had we missed curfew it would have meant leaving the car and walking to their site to get a key. Guess we’ll just do lunch if we want to go out to eat again.

I forgot to mention we are only paying $4/night for sites with water and electric. With the annual pass, New Mexico State Parks are still the best deal going. And New Mexico has the most beautiful sunsets!



  1. Don't forget to hike over to Fort Seldon just down the road. I enjoyed Leasburg Dam when I was there.

  2. WOW...what an awesome place for $4 a night. Those State passes are wonderful! The campsite looks so quiet and peaceful. Enjoy your new home just don't stay out late...LOL

  3. $4 -- what a bargain! You don't have to look up to see the sky -- it's always in front of you. Great sunset!

  4. That is a great price but locked gates at 7:30 without a lock with a code does seem really strange for a state park. Most parks we've encountered have a code that changes every few days so campers can go in and out at will.


  5. Great price, good pizza, beautiful sunsets. Doesn't get any better than that. Enjoy!