Monday, September 3, 2012

Adios, Amigos and More Trails


We were sad to see Chuck and Carla pack up and leave yesterday, but they went back to Denver to visit family before heading home to Iowa. It was great to have them travel with us the past month and we will miss their company, especially on the hiking trails. People who own Lazy Daze are just so nice! And we are pleased to hear that Box Canyon Mark and Bobbie have now joined the cult.

This weekend we checked out two more trails not far from our campsite. The Rainbow (or West Fork) Trail starts just a couple miles down the road. It’s not  the most scenic trail we’ve hiked in the Pagosa Springs area, but there is plenty of shade with occasional glimpses of the West Fork of the San Juan River and the mountains.



The perfect environment for fungi.




Yesterday we hiked along the Turkey Creek Trail, similar to the Rainbow Trail in that it parallels a creek from high above the banks. The first 3 miles are open to ATVs, motorcycles and mountain bikes, along with hikers and horses. We only saw one dirt bike, one ATV, and a few hikers with dogs.


At the 3 mile point the trail enters the Weminuche Wilderness, where we continued on about another mile. It’s a fairly level trail so we walked farther than we usually do.



We’ve had some visitors to our boondocking site, but nobody else is camping here. A couple on mountain bikes, a family taking a walk, a few horses, and lots of hummingbirds.


I didn’t even know there was a second bird hovering nearby until I looked at the pictures.


They couldn’t even wait for Debbie to put the feeder back up after she filled it.


We are sure happy we found this place.


  1. This is a really beautiful place. The pictures of your hikes these last days have been wonderful. And it's all free. I've written it down in my places to go in Colorado. Thanks!

  2. That is a great shot of the thirsty Hummer :)) They are usually pretty shy.
    And thanks for welcoming us to the "cult." I will need all the help I can get when a problem arrises so joining up is a no brainer... and if everyone is as nice as you guys and Debbie, well that's great.
    Enjoy your travels.
    mark and bobbie

  3. We love hummingbirds and those are great pictures of the little birds.

  4. Love the hummer photos! I haven't put up my feeders in a long time, so I'm missing having them around. I may have to dig them out when I get to the next campground on Wednesday.

  5. You two have become quite the hikers. Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Ed 7 Carol

  6. That last picture is amazing! We came out to visit you but couldn't find you. You must be well hidden!

  7. Sad to leave you guys, too. We had such a great time traveling with you. Happy trails and safe journeys!