Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back In New Mexico


Our summer vacation in Colorado came to an end yesterday as we made our way back to Heron Lake State Park near Chama, NM. Since we still have our New Mexico State Park Passes, we decided to splurge on the $4 electric and water sites. This is our third time at this park but the first time we got one of the few hookup sites with a view of the lake.



There are not many people here so it is very quiet. We are taking advantage of the power and water to do some much neglected cleaning before we go off dry camping again next week. And it’s so nice not to have to carry our trash around until we can sneak it into a dumpster somewhere. A long shower in the park’s bath house was also a treat.

We had a great summer in southwest Colorado and are glad we decided to take it slow and cover just a small portion of the state. We managed to boondock for free over half the time we were there, and met some really great people along the way (you know who you are!). Strange that now being back in New Mexico feels like being home again.


  1. We laughed at your garbage comment. It's the side of boondocking too-little mentioned. We think it's a small price to pay.


  2. Roxanne, we agree that looking for garbage cans is a small price to pay for a great free campsite, but it is funny how happy we've been not having to disguise ourselves to dump our trash the past 2 days!

  3. "New Mexico feel like home?" Is that a hint? She is enchanting. Being from Florida, you should feel at home in all that wide openness. And the price is right, too... that doesn't hurt.
    Happy travels,
    Mark and Bobbie

  4. We enjoyed our one night at Heron and hope to go back. Enjoy your trip home!

  5. Funny, but I always think of New Mexico as going home too even though I am from California.

  6. Sorry we missed you in CO. So close, but so far…

    Heading for Colorado Springs tomorrow, then further south to the Great Sand Dunes later next week.

    Mary is beginning to come around to the idea of a trip to Texas, but it's a slow process convincing her.

  7. Nice spot. It rained overnight here and into the morning. It is SO relaxing sleeping. Any hummingbirds?

  8. Used to have a summer home in Chama and ashamed to say never made it to that Park - what a beautiful spot! Love the view.

    @ David and Mary - Texas has some great spots too. Jim and Gayle shared some while here but if you need more pointers, just let me know.