Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Haven’t Seen Any Herons



But we’ve seen plenty of deer, some turkeys, and a bird tree here at Heron Lake State Park.


Probably ravens, but without binoculars it was hard to see what they were. We’ve passed by here several times on our bikes and they are always in that same tree.


The nice thing about this place is it is very remote, so there isn’t much reason to go anywhere outside of the park, except for the 17 mile trip to Chama for groceries and laundry.

There are about 15 miles of trails, which can be accessed right from the campgrounds, and miles of road to ride bikes. We’ve taken a couple 12-15 mile rides and were only passed by a few cars. The last time we rode our bikes was in July in Ouray, so this has been a nice change from hiking. And the scenery is lovely.



A couple of other fulltime Lazy Daze people are here. We met Andrea at Rockhound State Park in Deming, NM back in the spring. She is working her way to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque like we are. She listened to a singer/songwriter, Jim Harlan, Saturday afternoon at a local coffee shop, who happened to be camped here at Heron Lake. He offered to play a little music at his campsite Saturday night so I went over to listen. The sky was clear and full of stars, a perfect evening to sit around a fire and listen to acoustic guitar and vocals.

Also here is Ken, who started fulltiming in the fall of 2008 like we did. He is a great photographer, and also has a blog, These Are The Voyages,  where you can see his photos. Unfortunately because of Blogger’s way of compressing photos, his images look so much better when you see them on his computer. He got Jim all fired up about getting a better camera one of these days.

Of course we have also done some hiking, to the lake from our site, along the trails from the campground, and yesterday Ken took us on a hike up a hill for some views above the Rio Chama.





We’ve also managed to do some serious cleaning and rearranging of cabinets inside the RV, and cleaned the car both inside and out. After our summer in Colorado we are seriously looking at trading in the car for a higher clearance vehicle. Since we’ll be near Taos/Santa Fe/Albuquerque for the next new weeks, we decided to get the car looking half way decent in case we find something there and want to work out a trade. Other than all the rock chips from being towed, we were surprised at how good the car actually looks when you wash and polish it!


  1. Heron Lake sounds perfect to me...remote....no need to drive anywhere....just hike and bike and see the beautiful views in your pictures. It's going on my list this minute.

    I'm thinking of getting a new toad as well so I'll be interested in what you choose.

  2. Great Photos! I Love hearing about your adventures.

  3. A higher clearance Towed should benefit you a lot. And then you can trade those roadie bicycles for bikes that actually fit the land in the west. Finally, a Milwaukee Sawzall could easily remove the last 12 feet of rear overhang on your Lazy Daze. (grin)

    By then you can really start camping. (grin)

  4. Heron is my favorite park! By the way, it is named after Kenneth Heron, the engineer who figured out how to get water from the other side of the continental divide. Although, occasionally I have heard that folks have seen a heron there.

  5. Looks like a gorgeous place! I've never been there, but several of my friends have. Maybe next year!

  6. That was one of the parks I never have been to, but it sure looks great.

  7. I've heard Heron lake is really nice. We only blew thru New Mexico on our way home last year. Kind of a blur. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay