Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cochiti Lake Campground, New Mexico



We are spending the week at Cochiti Lake COE Campground, about 30 miles from Santa Fe and 45 miles from Albuquerque. We found a nice site high on a hill in the Juniper Loop, which has electric for $10/night with the Senior Pass.

Our view.


Cochiti Lake


We spent all day yesterday in Albuquerque car shopping and I think we have decided go with a 2011 AWD Subaru Forester, with only 14,000 miles. It was funny in that we tried to deal on 3 different vehicles and all 3 salesmen let us walk. Made for easy decision making on our part. We really did like the ‘11 Forester best of all and even went back late yesterday afternoon to talk to them once more, but they said they were at their rock bottom low price. So I think Jim has decided to go back tomorrow and ask if they would throw in a few things like floor mats, mudguards, etc, and we will be happy with the deal. I know Box Canyon Mark thinks we need a 4 wheel drive, but they weigh more than we want to tow, and I hate riding on roads where you NEED 4 wheel drive, anyway.

Now we have to get the SMI brake system off the car, get it installed on the new vehicle, and get a base plate mounted so we can tow it. Hope we can get all this done within the next week.

When we got home last evening we took a walk around the park although the threat of thunderstorms was looming over us. It made for a beautiful sunset and moonrise. And even a partial rainbow.





Today we had to clear our heads from a day of car dealing, so we went for a hike. We just keep finding more places in New Mexico to wow us, but I’ll save that for next time….


  1. Looks like that should be a really good for you guys! I agree, don't enjoy riding too far in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, either. Guess I'm just getting too darn old!

  2. Best of luck with the car dickering.... I have a little Ford Explorer 4 wheel drive and it is awesome. Great sunset pics!

  3. Are the water hookups still up a hill and five feet in the air at Cochiti?

  4. Judy, our site has no water so it's not an issue! We filled up at one of the spigots in the new section down below on our way in. We think the best sites are the ones without electric in the Ringtail loop. They are right by the lake with very nice views. We missed that loop when we came in and just discovered it on our walk last night.

  5. That looks like a great campground. And your photos are beautiful. I'm glad it is you car shopping and not us. I hate doing that. Good luck.

  6. Wasn't the moon just stunning the past few nights? Your photos do it justice for sure!!!

  7. Good choice on a vehicle! You will love it, I assume it has a standard transmission, otherwise you may not be able to tow it.

  8. Ok, you did the next best thing by getting a Subaru!
    We take ours places you wouldn't believe because it/they do have four wheel drive, just not a low range you will need for the really steep and loose stuff, which Gayle would not go up anyway :)). So well done, just make sure the Subaru is a standard manual transmission because the automatics can't be towed...
    Box Canyon Mark

  9. Good luck with your new car. I like your choice of campground, great price and very nice!

  10. Congrats on the car! Love all the photos, especially the moon.