Monday, October 29, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Our home at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort in Mission, TX, where we’ll be workamping for the next 5 months.


We took the Lazy Daze in to a tire shop in Del Rio on Saturday and they could not find a leak, so it appears Jim tightening the valve stem core was the answer. He didn’t want to drive to Mission if there was still a problem. We thought about leaving Monday when businesses would be open but since we had it checked and the pressure was still good, yesterday morning we decided to hit the road. Unless you’re a fisherman, Amistad Recreation Area is not very appealing. And most of the hiking trails were closed due to hunting.

It was a long drive for us, 326 miles, but other than some road construction we easily made our way through Laredo and a bunch of other small towns along the border. Not the most pleasant scenery, as we didn’t realize there were so many oil fields and RV parks full of workers along the route. We saw quite a few RV gatekeepers, and marveled that anyone would want to do that job, even though the pay is good. They sit right next to the heavily traveled highway on dusty dirt roads, and have to be there 24/7. Not our kind of job!

Jim emailed the dentist in Progresso, Mexico that started his implant in February, and made an appointment to begin the rest of the process tomorrow. He wants to get that over with as soon as possible. We also have appointments next week for our annual physicals, and I am going to start volunteering with the cats at Cinderella Pet Rescue again starting next Monday. The park activities don’t start until the middle of November when more Winter Texans arrive, but we will have to help clean the clubhouse and get things ready before then. It’s going to be a busy and hopefully fun winter here.

It’s good to be back, and this is another one of those familiar places that feels like home. We had a nice chat and lots of laughs last night with Ray and Sue, our friends who will be working with us, and met another couple who will be working in Guest Services. Also met a few other people this morning doing laundry. Now if we can just remember everyone’s names!


  1. Oh..What Dentist is Jim going to? Hope all goes well. Will you be going to the Rio Grande valley Bird festival? it is supposed to be one of the best festivals.

  2. We did gate guarding and lasted two months. The nail in the coffin, so to speak, was the H2S gas blowing directly at our 5th wheel. We were about 500 yards from the flame. I knew that wasn't good for us and certainly not good for our two cats. That was the end of gate guarding for us.

    We are now in San Antonio and Bob has a great job. He was a financial consultant for a small general contractor, but they have now hired him full time as a V.P. We will have six weeks vacation a year because the owner knows we are still traveling.

    Not as much travel as I'd like, but Bob is ecstatic. (He's not ready to retire yet.)


  3. P.S. I love that you work with cats at Cinderella Pet Rescue. Sounds like my kind of "work." LOL.

  4. Glad you made it "home" safely. Can't wait to see more photos from Cinderella Pet Rescue. Enjoy your stay and peace and quiet until those Winter Texans arrive...hehe

  5. Sounds like you are in a good place! It will seem weird that you guys aren't traveling for such a long time. It IS nice, though, to settle in for a while, isn't it?

  6. Glad to hear you sound so happy to be there. You must love it to stay 5 months.

  7. Enjoy your stay down there. Don't forget to take the RV out for a spin once in a while... just to keep her loose. Want to see pics of where you are... and the beach... and spring break on south padre :))

    Box Canyon Mark

  8. Very sad to hear about Quincy. I wish we could hae met him. I do know, from your pictures and descriptions, that Quincy had a GREAT life with you.

    Our condolences on your loss.