Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Balloons Went Up



Although the forecast called for high winds on Sunday morning, the weather man was wrong again, and the balloons were able to fly. Even though we've seen them before, it was still exciting watching them soar over the sea of RVs.



Elvis was an new balloon this year.


Late Sunday afternoon the group had a wine and hors d'oeuvres happy hour.


It was surprising that several people were on vegan diets due to health issues, so there were some foods we could eat. They told us at the Morro Bay, CA Lazy Daze get- together in the spring, about half of the people there were vegans. I'm glad to see it is becoming more mainstream, due to the popularity of The China Study and Forks Over Knives. It may take awhile, but as it becomes more widespread, it's just a matter of time before more restaurants offer vegan alternatives.

That evening we walked over to the balloon field with Debbie, Robin and Lydia to see the Balloon Glow and fireworks. Although huge crowds aren't our idea of fun, walking on the field amid the sights, sounds, and heat of the inflated balloons is something not to be missed.






We really enjoyed our 3 days at the Balloon Fiesta, but moved south yesterday to Elephant Butte Lake State Park. Quincy seems to be having some teeth issues, so we took him to the vet yesterday afternoon. They had to pull 2 of his teeth a couple years ago when we were here. The vet didn't see any abscesses or mouth ulcers, just a lot of plaque, but due to his kidney disease did not want to risk anesthesia to clean his teeth. She did blood work and his kidney values were about the same as 5 months ago. Most days he is eating, playing, and interacting with us as usual, so his quality of life is still pretty good. She recommended another supplement to lower his phosphorus, so that will be 4 medicines. Good thing 3 of them are powdered and can be added to his canned food, when he feels like eating it. This is why we don't want any more cats, at least for awhile!



  1. The balloon photos are great, except for the scary clown! :( I especially like the balloons when they are lit up. Very cool.

    Poor Quincy - I hope he's feeling better soon.

    How's the weather in Elephant Butte? That's one park I want to visit, for sure. I thought it was still pretty hot there.

  2. I noticed one of the bees in your glow photo. When we were volunteering to sign people up to crew the balloons, we crewed for the three bees.

  3. Awesome pictures! I want to see that some day.

  4. Love that first picture with the balloons flying over the Lazy Daze. Those balloons are so colorful and full of whimsy.

  5. What great photos! The glowing ones at night are sooo pretty.

    Aw, poor Quincy. Is he a lilac point Siamese mix?

  6. Susan, Quincy is a seal point mix. Hard to tell from the photo.


  7. Great pictures! We caught the launch Wed. morning but missed the glow. Thanks for letting us see that part of the balloon fiesta! I am hoping to post my balloon pictures today. Looks like we may have been clost to one another in a couple of shots!

    Funny you talking about Elephan Butte. Ran into a lade here in Dolores today that was telling us how low the lake is. Sad. Pray for rain!

  8. So enjoyed seeing your pictures of 2012 and reading your account. So you have new Subaru and were able to get everything that quickly. •• We so enjoyed our experience there last year; Linda/John are great wagonmasters. //// Will we see ya'll at Roger's Qsite in January?? Next week we go w/LD Caravan to Stage Coach RV near Julian, CA. Cheers ya'll •••