Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quincy Update


Discovered this morning that New Mexico sunrises can be just as pretty as the sunsets. It’s not often I open the blinds in the morning and see this.


The little boy is doing fine, in fact he has been ravenous since we brought him home last evening. The vet told us he had to pull 2 teeth and all went well. We were very impressed with the care he received and since we didn’t ask ahead of time, pleasantly surprised at the reasonable charges at the Animal Hospital of Las Cruces. Both Dr. Morrow and Dr. Johnson were very compassionate and took time to address our questions and concerns. We are so glad we found this place and would highly recommend them if you are in the Las Cruces area and in need of a veterinarian.

And now we can relax and continue our trek to Texas.



  1. Awww, he's cute. Kitties love boxes.

  2. happy to hear about Quincy. He certainly LOOKS comfortable. :)

  3. Awww, poor Quincy. I hope his recovery goes well.

    Enjoy your travels.


  4. What a gorgeous sunrise! Lucky you to have that experience.

    A good appetite is a good sign. Did the vet say why the teeth were bad and needed to be pulled? Is there some sort of gum disease or diet deficiency??

  5. That sunrise is awesome. Looks like another great weather day.

    Oh so cute! So glad everything is back to normal.

  6. Hope Quincy gets to feeling better soon! To make things confusing I have switched camps from Blogger to Wordpress. ( I've added you to my blogroll. Look forward to seeing you there! We're envious that you are headed to BBNP!

  7. So sweet! Glad he is going well. I thought about you guys as we did the Fenner Ride today. I posted some photos on Facebook. Miss riding with you both!

  8. Our son adopted an older cat from the shelter and she eventually had to have all her teeth pulled. She did just fine for many years. Hope Quincy continues to improve. Isn't it funny how cats love to curl up in boxes? Cute.