Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nature’s Disneyland in New Mexico



Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument was our hiking destination on Sunday and what an amazing hike it was. Volcanic eruptions 6-7 million years ago left deposits which subsequently eroded from wind and water into canyons and these cool looking “tent rock” formations.


There are 2 hiking trails, an easy 1.2 mile loop which takes you close to the hoodoos and a cave.




And a 1.5 mile one way trail through a slot canyon, then up a 630’ climb to the top of the mesa. The scenery was so interesting it seemed like a much shorter and easier hike, but it could have been because we stopped so often to take pictures.

We love slot canyons, and although this one was not real long, it involved a bit of rock scrambling and squeezing through some tight spots.





We stopped for lunch on top of the mesa while soaking in the views.




We were about halfway down when Jim realized he lost his sunglasses somewhere along the trail. It had gotten cloudy and actually rained a bit so he took them off and hung them on his backpack.


Since they were actually MY sunglasses, he just had to go back up the trail and look for them. We asked everyone we passed, and it turned out a woman found them and had them in her bag. Funny thing was, she asked us to identify the brand, and I had no idea what they were. Like how many people just walk up and down a trail looking for sunglasses! She did give them back so we were both happy, but it added at least another mile to our hike.

We’re hoping we can make it back to Tent Rocks late one afternoon this week to hike again with the sun a little lower. Definitely put this place on your list of things to see in New Mexico.

And yes, we did make the deal on another vehicle yesterday, and we’ve already scoped out a couple dirt roads to try it on, if we can tolerate getting it dusty!


  1. What an awesome hike! You guys are my hero's.... I can't wait to go see some of the places you have hiked!

  2. That one picture you show of the tight space between the rock walls reminds me of that movie "127 hours" about the guy who got stuck in there by a falling boulder. Glad you're out safely.

  3. Great series of pics, and a fascinating setting. That is going onto my "future destinations" list.

  4. Terrific pictures of a great looking hike I'd love to take. Glad you got the sunglasses back. I'm putting this on my recommended hikes in New Mexico list that's for sure! Thanks!!

  5. What an awesome area. I have never seen those “tent rocks.”

    You captured some LOVELY photos. The close up photos are my favorite.

    Glad you got your sunglasses back, but really...what brand? I don't even know what brand my eye glasses are let alone my sunglasses.

  6. Very cool photos! I don't know if I could squeeze through a slot canyon, though. I think it would make me claustrophobic.

    Glad you found your sunglasses, funny story about the woman who found them. She must have been disappointed have you asking about them. :)

  7. Yes Tent Rocks is a very cool place! I was there also on Sunday in the late afternoon and the light sprinkle of rain was nice with the warm day. Don't think I saw you or would of said hello. Enjoy your time in NM.

  8. I want to go on that "ride."
    Land of Enchantment...
    Box Canyon Mark.

  9. Tina, we would have been very surprised if someone recognized us on the trail! Do you live in the area?

  10. Amazing place - love the "Butt shots!"

  11. Hi Jim and Gayle,

    Nope I don't live in the area, in Northern CA but come to NM for work every few months. Like your Subaru, what a fun car that will be!