Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quemado Lake, Pinion Campground, Quemado, NM



Another short, scenic drive brought us to Quemado Lake, an Apache Forest Service area near Quemado, NM, elevation 7700’. There are several campgrounds to choose from, including Juniper, which has hookups, but we opted for Pinion with no hookups but where there was only one other camper. For $5/night with the senior pass, there is water, garbage, a dump station, and very nice vault toilets. I had to take a picture of the locks inside the ladies room. They all seemed to work, which had me wondering what might be trying to get me while I was in there.


Yesterday morning the air looked much hazier than we are used to in this part of the country, and we could smell smoke. Sure enough, smoke from the Whitewater fire we saw a few days ago was blowing this way. The ranger said we were not in danger,and hopefully the wind would shift. It did later in the morning, and we were able to go for a little hike down and around the lake.




This is another remote location, and although we have no useable Verizon cell phone service, with the amplifier we are getting a good internet connection. Which is nice since we had lots of catching up to do after 5 days.


  1. Looks absolutely beautiful! Are the birds all gone north for the winter?

  2. Nice view of the lake.

    Had to laugh at all the locks on the toilet door. Guess they want to make sure your privacy is not compromised.

  3. What a price for everything you really need. Glad the fires didn't hamper your hike. I'm very impressed with your wifi out there especially if you are using Verizon towers but have no cell service.

  4. Beautiful pictures of the lake. I'm afraid Ray would not make a very good mayor in a campground with only two campers. Those locks on the bathroom door would make me wonder also.