Friday, May 4, 2012

Silver City, New Mexico



We’re spending a week at Manzano's RV Park, just a few miles from downtown Silver City. For a commercial RV park it is quite nice, only 18 sites, very clean and quiet, with lots of trees. It was also the least expensive park in the area, at $130/week.


One day we did a little window shopping downtown and hiked the Boston Hills Open Space, with 25 miles of trails overlooking town. This was a former mining area, and there are fences around some of the larger mines. I think every one of them we saw had a broken part of the fence which allowed access. We figured since this is a college town, the students come out and party in the mines. And shoot at the signs.



Nice views from the trail.



We did another hike at nearby Ft. Bayard, which was established in 1866 by Company B of the 125th U.S.Colored Infantry, also known as the Buffalo soldiers. There are still quite a number of buildings standing, and a few miles beyond the fort we entered the Gila National Forest.

Our hike took us to the “Big Tree”, the second largest alligator juniper in the country. We pondered how anyone could be sure this was the second largest, but who are we to question? It was just another excuse for a hike.



The Big Tree. Its diameter is 70.2 in, circumference is 18 ft. 4 in, crown spread is 62 ft., and height is 63 ft.


It really is a big tree.


We had another adventure that involved meeting a couple of famous bloggers, but I’ll leave you in suspense and save that story for another post.


  1. Lol I have visions of you both, with tape measure in hand, measuring all the alligator junipers you come in contact with! Thanks for the tour!

  2. I never did make it to Silver City in all my NM adventures, although it is high on my list when I return.

    That was really some big tree.

  3. You didn't mention whether you found the infamous Net of Doom on the Boston Hills hike. If not I'd be happy to lead you there. It's worth WALKING OVER!

  4. Can't wait for "the rest of the story." Be safe out there!

  5. I have to look up what a alligator juniper is. Never heard of it, but it looks lovely.
    We spent about a month in NM but not in that area. We must get back there. Just lovely.

  6. I love seeing other tree huggers. That is a MIGHTY BIG tree!! wonder how many arms it would take to go completely around it. Great picture!


  7. Glad you're enjoying Silver City - if you're into hiking, go north on Highway 15 and hike up in the pine forest! Or, go up Little Walnut Rd and hike to the top of Gomez Peak - the views will knock your socks off! Happy travels!