Thursday, May 31, 2012

Santa Fe Recap


We spent a most enjoyable week at Hyde Memorial State Park. It’s a great location just 8 miles from Old Town Santa Fe, and there are miles of hiking trails in the park and all along Hyde Park Rd going up to the ski area.

Views from the 3+ mile Circle Trail, which takes you to a 9400’ overlook. It was a steep climb up but didn’t seem so bad. Maybe we’re finally adjusting to the altitude.



We spent one afternoon walking around Old Town and the plaza doing a little window shopping. The architecture is interesting but it is just one shop after another of Indian jewelry, pottery, blankets, home decor, clothing boutiques, etc. Hard to believe they sell enough of that stuff for all those places to stay in business.


We did eat at a couple of excellent restaurants. Marble Tap Room overlooking the plaza, (or Rooftop Pizza, same food just on the other side of the building without the view) has great beer and some really good pizza. Try the blue corn crust, it’s delicious. Thanks to our Lazy Daze friends Martha and Bernie for recommending it. Sorry you were out of town so you couldn’t join us!

We also did breakfast at Santa Fe Baking Co Cafe. We shared blue corn pinion and whole wheat banana nut pancakes. It was way too much to eat but really good and they have free WiFi so we took advantage of it to check email and look up a few things. It’s amazing how much we rely on the internet these days, and miss having it at our fingertips.

Hyde Memorial State Park is a bit different from the other NM state parks that allow you to stay 3 weeks. Here you are limited to 7 nights in the power sites and 2 weeks in the dry camping areas. The ranger said the park is very popular and just about full every weekend, so I guess they are giving everyone a chance to get a site.

We thought about staying longer and moving to the non hookup sites, but many of them are unlevel or not long enough for us. It is also very shady which would make it hard to get much solar. Plus the park is having a water shortage so the one spigot in the RV area is locked. We learned you have to get the ranger to turn on the pump and unlock the spigot if you want water. Same for the dump station. Luckily we filled our water tanks before we left Coronado Campground, thinking we were going to be staying in the National Forest, so we were very conservative and managed the week without needing water or the dump until we left. In spite of that we would definitely stay here again if we ever come back to Santa Fe.


We’ve moved on near Taos. More on that later…


  1. When I stayed at Hyde Park last year I also found the no hookup sites were really hard to get level, plus hard to get enough sun for solar panels. So I would up staying in one of the hookup sites. Hyde Park is really a beautiful place though.

  2. Thanks for another place we can visit when we get back to NM. That may be next year. We do love that state, but not the casinos. They rip you off.

    We are in a park with no sewer also. We have done 14 days without dumping so I think we will make it this time too.

  3. Glad you had such a nice time in Santa Fe! We were a bit disappointed in our last visit, unfortunately, but have great memories from prior visits. Happy Travels!!

  4. Glad to know of a good park near Santa Fe even if it does have its challenges. Thanks!