Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I don't normally use Thanksgiving as the day to think about all we have to be thankful for. I already know that our life is good compared to many and I appreciate it every day. But this year with the pandemic and politics I woke up thinking about how grateful I am that we have managed to stay relatively healthy and are still able to get out and walk, hike and bike, although sometimes with a few more aches and pains. Just hope we can make it to the vaccine and get back to happy hours at the local brewery and gatherings with friends where we can hug and don't have to sit so far apart, go to dentist, doctor and beauty salon visits without worrying about getting COVID for the next two weeks, etc. We've made it this far so I'm hopeful! 

And now, some photos from new-to-us trails just on the edge of Fountain Hills at Adero Canyon. The trailhead has been closed for a couple years due to construction of a new subdivision and just opened a few weeks ago. There is a brand new trail along a ridge and several others that have been there a while so we've gone out there a few times to check them all out since they all have great views Now if we could just get some rain to green up the desert a bit.

From the viewpoint after a 500+ foot steep, rocky climb in a little over a half mile. Not sure I will get Jim back on the Western Loop trail again any time soon.

This afternoon we have our weekly cat caregiver shift, so we'll be heading out soon to visit with these guys and more. Then it's our traditional vegan pizza and pumpkin pie for dinner later.


Jim's buddy, Bellamy

Sinatra, another one of Jim's buddies

Sweet Amy won't be there as she got adopted recently

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Horton Creek Trail and Other Stuff

Our temperatures finally moderated a couple weeks ago and we've been getting out a little later in the mornings, which makes Jim happy. Recently we decided to take a drive up to Payson, AZ for a hike on the Horton Creek trail. I read that there was a bit of fall color along the creek and thought that would be a nice change from the desert. We didn't arrive until almost noon but it was only in the low 70s at 6,000' elevation, which felt especially pleasant given the shade from the forest.

This is a trail we didn't do when we camped on the Mogollon Rim so we didn't know exactly what to expect, but it turned out to be a lovely, fairly easy, gradual climb, with views or access to Horton Creek all along the way, a series of one little cascade or waterfall after another. We turned around three miles in but the trail continues on over another steeper mile to a spring.  Jim decided he was feeling good and enjoying himself so he didn't want to ruin the day by going farther and being miserable on the way back. That turned out to be a great idea because we came back a good part of the way on a smaller fishermen trail right along the creek, which got a bit dicey at times and involved some scrambling.

We've also been back out at McDowell doing some mountain biking, visited with camp host friends, and went out again Friday afternoon for a short visit with Alex and Ellen, who arrived that day for a two month stay, then enjoyed a beer with Andre and Rose, who were there for a few nights on their way home to CA after a month long RV trip. 

Andre set up the self time on his camera to get a shot of all of us. Thanks!

Pointing out the beautiful sunset while I was admiring the clouds behind them.

It was such a pleasant evening we missed being out there in the Lazy Daze but it's still nice to live so close to the park.

And here are a few more photos just because.

End of a saguaro arm

One of many mini-trump rallies just down the street from our apartment. Tuesday can't get here soon enough!

The best Halloween display ever

Please get out and vote if you haven't yet. And to ease the stress of the election and increasing COVID cases, there are always kittens. 😻

Four of a litter of nine. Most have been adopted over the past week. They were a crazy bunch!