Tuesday, March 9, 2021

All Vaxed Up and Nowhere to Go


Scene from Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, Cave Creek, AZ

So, we are going on almost two weeks since we got our second COVID vaccine. We had some reactions to both the first and second Moderna shots but survived the sore arm, chills, fever,            backache, and general malaise. Jim hit the jackpot and got "COVID arm", which is really a thing. We're glad it's over, but now what? 

With the assumption that we are now relatively safe, we've made several doctor/dentist/hair appointments that have been put off for far too long. It feels strange to get back out in the world and get near other people without fear of getting sick, even though we are still wearing masks. 

In the meantime we've been doing our usual hikes, bike rides, walking around town, and working with Fearless Kitty Rescue. Nothing much to say, so here are some photos.

The following are from a loop hike at Spur Cross Ranch. We've been checking out some different trails.

Looks like this saguaro is being smothered by its arms

As dry as it's been we were surprised to see any water in Cave Creek

Several years ago we saw lots of dragonflies here, but none this time

It's a lovely place for a hike

One day we hiked a new-to-us trail at Coon Bluff along the Salt River, about 25 miles from Fountain Hills. The bonus was after our hike we walked down near the river to see the wild horses that come there every afternoon.

A zoomed sneak peak at the horses from atop the bluff

We found a fairly easy way to get down off the bluff and took the low road back

It was a good hike. We'll definitely do it again.

And then the horses. There was a volunteer from the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group who told us a bit about the horses and warned about not getting too close. So of course we saw a man petting one while the woman he was with took photos. We were secretly hoping the horse would kick him, but no such luck.

It's a big herd

A little horse play. You can see how close people were getting to them.

Mark and Bobbie spent a few nights at McDowell Mountain campground on their way back north. We hiked, biked, and had a few beers with them. Always a fun time.

Resting at Jackass Junction on the Pemberton trail

Dispite the drought we found some blooming ocatillo at Adero Canyon a few days ago

And as always a few cat photos. This is the River family. Mama Ellie and her kittens Danube, Mosel, Rhone, and Rhine. She made pretty kittens, but none of them have her coloring. They are very friendly and will be adopted quickly.


We have a little road trip planned for next month so stay tuned. Really looking forward to some new scenery.