Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Crags, Divide, CO


Thursday we hiked a popular 2 mile trail near Divide to the Crags, which also forks off to the 6 mile trail to Pikes Peak. We took the easy route, although starting off at over 10,000’ and climbing 800’ in 2 miles wasn’t exactly easy, but there was a nice long flat stretch through a meadow and along a stream, so it was a really pleasant hike. That and the fact that it was barely 60 degrees made for a comfortable uphill climb.

The Crags is just a bunch of craggy rock formations, but we love interesting rocks, and there were plenty to look at.

P1020251P1020255  P1020254 P1020253

The last quarter mile or so was pretty steep, and a bit hard to find the trail, but it was well worth the climb. It was one of the prettiest views we’ve had since we’ve been in Colorado, even better than Pikes Peak, we both thought. It also could have been the fact that we were the only ones there, and never saw another hiker the entire 4 miles.

I was looking at a bald eagle through the binoculars when Jim took this shot.


The views looked much better in person.


You can see the reservoirs that we passed on our Pikes Peak road trip.

P1020266 P1020256

And these twisted bristlecone pines, which are always fascinating because the trunks look dead.


Being alone on the trail, we were hoping to see some wildlife, but only saw a few squirrels and birds. At the top, this bird, which I haven’t yet identified, kept coming closer looking for a handout. He was really cute.


I was in desperate need of a haircut, so yesterday I took a chance and got a $10 cut by a student at Summit Beauty School in Woodland Park. For that price they also wash and blow dry your hair. She did a fantastic job, better than some places where I’ve paid twice that or more. I will have to check for beauty schools in the area the next time I need a haircut. I’m sure those of you who are full time RVers have the same issues with going to a new place every time. Lucky for Jim I just buzz his hair off with the clippers every few weeks so he doesn’t have that problem!

The Labor Day weekenders arrived yesterday and our campground is full, but it is surprisingly quiet. We are just going to hang out, read and ride our bikes. The Centennial Trail, an 8 mile paved bike path, runs right past the campground and into Woodland Park. It’s all uphill into town, but a fun ride coming back.

It’s been in the low 30’s the past few nights, and supposed to get cooler next week, so come Monday we are moving south to a campground with hookups as we work our way to Albuquerque.


  1. Howdee,
    Wow, some beautiful scenery. The friendly bird is the Clarks Nutcracker..
    I have had my hair cut and colored at beauty schools.. Much cheaper and good results!
    Happy trails!

  2. What an awesome hike!! I am sure the views standing in that spot would take your breath away. Just beautiful. Great pics!
    I'll have to remember the haircut idea..never thought about a styling school. Thanks!

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)