Monday, November 1, 2010

Cattail Cove State Park, AZ


We moved 15 miles south of Lake Havasu City this afternoon to Cattail Cove State Park, where we spent a couple weeks last December. We don’t have a view of the lake, but we do have water and electric.They raised the rates to $26 a night, but they are offering the Pay for 5 nights, get 2 free, so we are essentially paying just a bit more than we were at Windsor Beach but at least we have hookups. Since it is supposed to get up to 90 the next couple days we will enjoy the A/C.

We have no TV here, but our internet connection is great, which makes Jim very happy. He was getting pretty grumpy having to drive somewhere to find a signal just to download our e-mail the past week.

We haven’t been doing a whole lot, just taking walks, riding our bikes, and enjoying the views of Lake Havasu, especially the sunsets.


We did forget how annoying the sound of the casino boat was, running until late at night, and the weather being so nice there were lots of loud, fast boats going by, especially over the weekend. The noise didn’t bother Oreo and Quincy, though. If only we could sleep as well as they do!



  1. Awe, the kitties are cute, all curled up together sleeping.

  2. You need a pic of Jim so that I can say he's cute too. Mmmm, 90 you say, it 48 here and dropping with a NW wind at 25 mph. The sun is out though...