Monday, January 20, 2014

Something Was Bound To Happen


The last time we came to Quartzsite in January 2011, Jim got sick and we left after only a few days so he could have his gallbladder removed at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. This year he’s been feeling great, but it’s been a long time since he’s had a dental emergency. Yesterday morning when I got back from doing laundry, the first thing he showed me when I walked in was one of his crowns in a ziplock bag, which came off while he was eating breakfast.

So Wednesday he has an appointment in Algodones, Mexico with Dr. Urena, who Nina from Wheeling It blog fame uses and recommends. We are going to stay here but just take a day trip to Mexico since it’s an easy 90 mile drive from Quartzsite and we’re planning to be here until the 28th. Fortunately the tooth with the missing crown had a root canal done many years ago so it isn’t causing any pain. Other than to our pocketbook, of course, but he was quoted $220 for a new crown if it can’t be cemented back on. In the states it would probably be over $1,000.

On another note, our Blue Ox tow bar has gotten rather floppy, so when Jim emailed the company about getting the parts to repair it they told him they didn’t sell those due to liability issues. But they did say we could bring it in to the Blue Ox bay at the Quartzsite show and for $25 they would clean and lube it and replace any parts it needed. Debbie had a torn rubber boot on hers, and David and Mary had never had theirs serviced, so we put them all in Debbie’s car and she and David took them over on Saturday morning. The RV show opened at 9, so they arrived around 8 hoping to be one of the first in line. Turned out they were #9! They dropped them off and picked them up yesterday. We weren’t the only ones having the bars refurbished.


We decided to walk over to the Big Tent yesterday afternoon and were pleasantly surprised at how few people were there. Apparently they were more interested in football, because Debbie and I walked over again this morning and it was extremely crowded. Spent a few hours and only a few dollars on some odds and ends. It’s always fun to see what’s at the show and the flea markets. Judging by what people were buying, the big sellers seem to be LED tube replacements for fluorescent fixtures, a rubber broom similar to this(2 for $20), and bamboo pillows.

Today our friend John Leach, who loves working on other peoples Lazy Daze, came by to help Jim diagnose the problem we’ve had for a couple years with our indicator light for the brake controller for the Subaru. I think he finally figured out what’s wrong, but whether or not they will be able to fix it is another matter.

We’ve talked with many RVers who don’t understand why groups of owners with the same RVs get together. I’ve had several people say that just because you own the same RV doesn’t mean you have anything else in common. This may be true, but we have always enjoyed getting together with other Lazy Daze owners, and this time is no exception. There is always someone willing to help work on your rig, give advice, and show off their modifications. We’ve made some really good friends by attending Lazy Daze get togethers over the years. Tomorrow a group of us are heading to the Kofa WIldlife Refuge for a hike. But now it’s time for happy hour! And maybe another beautiful sunset like we had last night.



  1. Being Lazy Daze owners, I can easily understand the affinity between owners. Hey... if nothing else we can talk about the days of Ed at the Lazy Daze factory ;-)...

  2. Well if you are going to have a dental emergency, at least you are in the right place (close to Mexico). If you know of anyone who bought one of those bamboo pillows, I'd like to hear how they liked it. Sound intriguing. I need to find a good pillow. I think it would be fun to camp with other LD owners - maybe someone could tell us why our AM radio doesn't work lol!!

  3. So sorry to hear about Jim's tooth issue. Hope they can cement it back on.

    That is one beautiful sunset.

  4. It's been several years since I had my Blue Ox serviced. Maybe I'll stop at their factory on my way north this spring.

  5. Lazy Daze owners all seem to have a lot in common in more ways than one. I think that's why they own a LD in the first place. Kind of a "different" mindset. Coupled with the fact that there seem to be a whole lot of older LD's around...and that's not to say that their owners are "older" but, just sayin' ya know?

  6. That is definitely a gorgeous sunset. Good luck on the tooth. Sure wish there was a Winnebago Brave owners group I'd join in a heartbeat.

  7. Ron has gotten his Blue Ox tow bar service every year at Quartzsite. Turns out that is a bit of overkill. That is one lovely sunset.

  8. I never even knew I was supposed to have my Blue Ox serviced before now, so this is very helpful info indeed! Thanks! I will check this out asap. (I have noticed from Jim's profile picture, he may be in the dental chair for a while. haha!)

    1. Our Blue Ox was serviced in 2008. Once a year seems like too much, but probably every three or four would be plenty.

  9. We're getting our teeth cleaned in Los Algodones on Thursday, different dentist though.

    We have yet to experience Q in all its glory, perhaps next year!

  10. I had to check out the bamboo pillow. I have a collection of pillows. I am always in search of the perfect pillow. My husband knows I don't like it if he gets it!

    We love getting together with other Discovery owners. It is great to be able to discuss our homes and we understand.

    Hope you enjoyed your hike. I've added Kofa Preserve to Pinterest for future reference. Looking forward to pictures.

  11. Good luck in Algodones. I'm curious to hear how it goes.

  12. My friend Dean found a bus from Quartszite to Mexico that alows plenty of time for the dentist at a cost of about$15.00.
    He said he had a great time on the bus and even made a few new friends.

  13. How did that hike out to Palm Canyon work out? I bet Jim hiked way out in front of the rest of the group because the trail up the canyon just wouldn't end!