Sunday, January 11, 2015

Another Camera


I’ve lost count of the number of cameras we’ve gone through in the six years we’ve been on the road. Some have been dropped on rocks or fallen in toilets or ponds, and others simply malfunctioned despite being sent in for repairs under warranty. Our favorite, the one that takes the best photos, has been the Panasonic Lumix FZ200, but it’s certainly not a pocket camera so we don’t always carry it. And since its little dip in muddy water when Jim slipped and fell in Capitol Reef back in October, the zoom has started doing strange things, requiring us to send it in for service.

So a visit to Costco in Scottsdale a couple weeks ago resulted in us purchasing a Panasonic Lumix ZS35, much smaller but still not as small and light as I really wanted. But after using it for almost two weeks we were just not satisfied with the quality of the photos so it got returned. I have been wanting a really tiny camera that would easily slip into a pocket unnoticed and decided on the Canon ELPH 330. Unfortunately we could not find it in stock anywhere locally so Jim did some research and found that the Sony Cybershot  DSC-WX220 was comparable and the Fountain Hills Target had it in stock for $159. Best Buy also had it for $149 but Target matched their price and saved us the 20+ mile drive to Best Buy.

So we’ve been carrying it everywhere the past few days and like the results. It is so small I can barely feel it in a pocket so maybe it will go with us more often if we can only remember to bring it.

Our neighbor Greg went for a ride with us the other day.


Jim is still struggling on the uphill part but loves going down.


Nice sunrise taken through our living room window.



Liberty Wildlife gave a presentation, bringing along some of their resident rescued wildlife.

Handsome great horned owl.


Colorful male Kestrel.


Gopher snake. 


Frequent cat entertainment at our hummingbird feeder.


Looks like a mini bus rally at the park this weekend. Nice paint jobs.




So this camera appears to be a keeper. Understandably it doesn’t do quite as good a job as the FZ200 in lower light situations, but with its small size and 10X zoom I think it will work for us. Now if we can just keep from dropping it!


  1. I think you have made a good choice in that Sony Cybershot WX200 judging from the great photos so far:))

  2. Nice shots for a pocket zoom camera, or any camera for that matter. By the time a photo gets scrunched down to a reasonable file size for a blog post, the fine differences between a $4000 camera and a $150 one are pretty hard to discern.

    I love my FZ200, too, but you're correct that it's big enough to be left behind too often. And it's always when I didn't take it with me that I encounter stuff for which I wished I had the good camera. My smartphone camera is good, but no zoom.

    I'm tempted to look at the latest pocket zooms to see how they've improved since my last Fuji.

    1. The Lumix DS35 was very disappointing. We bought it because it was fairly small and has a 20X zoom. Colors were not accurate, it was very slow to start up, and had trouble focusing. Maybe we just got a bad one.

    2. That's a shame and a surprise that the colors were off. I look at for reviews to see how a camera tests for things like that. Slow startup or delay between shots can be annoying, as you found with that Panasonic.

      I shoot RAW by preference so my choices are more limited.

  3. Both camera models posted were incorrect. They are corrected now.


  4. My favorite is still the Nikon - the same one you had. It took great photos, was small with a decent zoom, and I loved the settings. I've not found another like it. Too bad the zoom lens was not up to the same quality as the rest of the camera. I still have mine. Guess I'm dreaming that I can get it fixed properly some day.

  5. The colors on the new camera look good. I generally prefer buying pocket cameras with better sensors, but less zoom. They tend to give better overall pics. What you give up is zoom and low light capability, but your regular pics turn out way nicer.

  6. Camera looks to be doing a fine job. Nice to get close ups at the wildlife demo.

  7. I have had two Sony Cybershots. I love them.

    Those are some huge MHs.

  8. Your pictures look great! Looks like you've made a great camera choice for something to keep in your pocket.

  9. Glad you found a small camera you like. And, I think that was a mini-rally for bus owners. Those are definitely not mini buses. They are HUGE.

  10. Boy the pictures from the new camera look great. Seems like something David should look in to rather than playing send the camera back every 6 months. I probably wouldn't remember I even had a camera if it was that small. LOL

  11. Finding a good pocket camera can be a challenge. We have the camera you just purchased and were pleased but I wanted more zoom but still small enough for the pocket. So we stayed with the same camera just a little more powerful DSC-WX 350 with 20x zoom. Your photos came out great. The color in the buses is perfect:) Enjoy!

  12. HI Gayle and Jim, You captured some great shots with the new camera. As Chase Jarvis says "The best camera is the one you have with you." For me that means with the iPhone 6 or the D700.

    We are in Organ Pipe Cactus and are next to another Lazy Days couple, Mark and Cathy. They have been full timing in it for 11 years!

    Hope to see you and Jim and sometime soon and get in some mountain biking.

    1. Do they have a blog? Would like to take a look at it.


  13. Since I've been using my IPhone camera for all my pics for the last couple years I'm envious of any "real" camera, and appreciate learning from your trial and error! Those buses are so pretty, and remind me of old circus train cars with all the color. The photo through the window is very interesting with the truck camper - its stripes line up perfectly with the landscape and blend in so well.

  14. I have a really nice (large) camera but really just use my little pocket camera because it is small and I can take it anywhere without having extra bulk or weight. I have also devised a way to strap it to my pack so I can have it out and ready very fast.

    I always enjoy all your beautiful photos!