Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Scenes From Saddle Mountain



The past four days here have been extremely pleasant, with the weather cooperating nicely. We did another hike to a canyon Jim and I rode our bikes to last year. It was a pretty area and we wanted to explore it, so we walked the jeep road until it ended, then just trudged through the wash until we hit the end of the canyon. From there it was turn back or claw our way to the top, so claw we did. It was steep and rocky, and Jim kept telling me to look back to be sure I thought I could get down. I figured I would worry about that later.

That is Suzanne and I in the brush working our way up.



We made it up but decided to try going down the other side to what looked like a trail. We wanted to make a loop if possible to avoid having to return the same way we came. It was beautiful at the top.



Once we got down the other side we entered another wash full of large rocks and brush. There was no way we intended to back track, so we kept going thinking our canyon was just around the next corner. Of course there were several next corners before we saw some familiar scenes.

I think Suzanne was having her doubts coming up out of the wash.


Not so easy walking.


Four hours and six miles later we were back, just in time for Suzanne’s 3 pm phone appointment. After hikes like that it’s always good to come home! I don’t think they were the least bit worried about us.


Jim found this behind our site while walking Sophie one day.


We’ve been visited by hot air balloons and the Goodyear Blimp.



We even managed to get in a few chores. I finally replaced the passenger side step cover while Jim replaced the door gasket and put new brake pads on his bike.


Last evening Suzanne and I took a sunset walk to watch the moon rise. We discovered another trail that might be part of the saddle loop we did a few days ago, but it was pretty rough going and getting dark so we thought better of continuing. Something for next time…




  1. It's good to see you guys and Suzanne back together again.

  2. I wasn't worried until Jim sat down in the dirt, pulled out the GPS, and said to me, "I need your glasses." haha! FUN HIKE!

  3. What a wonderful adventure you two are on. The blimp photo is fantastic!

    Now the stone and heart design is very interesting. Someone very clever with a lot of time on his/her hands did some neat artwork!

  4. Glad to see Suzanne with you. That looks like a wonderful camping spot if you can do that hike out your back door. Really fine rock art and your last pictures of the moon and sunset are spectacular. Pretty amazing airborn visitors you have. They are no doubt admiring your spot as well.

  5. What a beautiful place you're camped in!

  6. Very adventurous. Fun to find art in the desert.

  7. The rock art and sunset shots are stunning. Looks like a fun spot.

  8. Had to laugh when I was reading about your hike. This is so us!! We always have to get to the highest point, and John doesn't like retracing the route so we end up in areas like you plowed through often. Good you did find your way out:)

    It was an evening with gorgeous sky views with the moon and sunset. Your photos are great.

    Someone did a lot of work on that desert art. Neat find!