Friday, October 7, 2016

Fisher Towers Trail, Moab, UT: A Red Rock Wonderland



Due to rain and high winds we spent an extra night at Colorado National Monument. No sense driving in that kind of weather, so we went to Grand Junction to do laundry, which saves us from having to do it in Moab. We parked off Willow Springs Road, a very popular dispersed camping area north of town.


On Tuesday we drove about 20 miles east along the scenic Colorado River road, Hwy 128, to the Fisher Towers trail. Even if you’re not into hiking, the drive alone is worth it. The trail is about 5 miles round trip, with spectacular scenery the entire way. We had never done this hike in our previous visits to Moab, but after reading about it on a couple blogs, it’s been on my list.

View of the Colorado River from the parking lot.


After a short distance we came across this abandoned backpack with a Honda generator. One of the strangest things we’ve found on a hike.





We finally had the answer to the chain saw mystery when came upon this ranger with a group of volunteers doing trail maintenance.


There is a lot of uphill on the way out, but we we stopped frequently for photos and to marvel at the rock formations.



There is also some rock scrambling and even a ladder, which almost stopped me from completing the hike. It was turning around to get on it and go down that was a problem, but Jim scurried down and left me, so I had to follow.



Just after the ladder we saw a climber building a new route.


We were hoping to see some climbers going up on the towers but it was a quiet day.


Many movies and commercials have been filmed in this area. Check out John and Pam’s post at Oh, The Places They Go to see their great photos of the climbers on Ancient Arts, the formation on the right.


At 700’ high, the Titan is another popular climbing route, and the highest of the Fisher Towers.


The scenery at the end of the trail is so worth the effort.


It’s all down from here. Way down.





This is a fantastic hike! We are so happy to be back in red rock country.


On our way home we stopped for a nice visit with Lazy Daze friends Ed and Carol, and Gopher the dog, who got lucky enough to snag one of the river front sites at Goose Island Campground. Yesterday we moved to a less crowded spot farther north of town, where we were joined by Mark and Bobbie of Box Canyon Blog. More hiking and biking to come.



  1. Caution: Utah school holiday Oct 20 & 21
    Just saying'

    1. Yes, I had already looked that up. After our experience a couple years ago hiking in Little Wild Horse Canyon we won't make that mistake again! We hope to be somewhere off the beaten path over that weekend.

  2. I will never forget Fisher Towers, the destination that I learned the lesson about the dangers of hydration and the dangers of not carrying enough water. We hiked it in April but the temperature that day soared to above 90 degrees. I also remember the up, up, up.....down, down, down.... up, up,up, down, down, down. You got some great pics, I laughed out load about the ladder....I'm guessing you would be a no go on the second ladder!!

    1. Yes, up, up up, down, down, down is an apt description!
      I have never been a fan of ladders :-)

  3. Beautiful pics of a difficult location, I wanted a fun place to stretch my legs the morning after camping near there ... Way more than I wanted! You've finally hit a place I've been :) I'm sure whatever you do with Mark will be an adventure, I'd not want to be the one to pace him :) Love to follow your adventures!

  4. That looks like a Honda generator to me instead of a chain saw.

    1. Thanks, I corrected that. I guess I was thinking about the trail maintenance crew using a chain saw when we passed them.

    2. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures.

  5. Now I know what happened to my NRS camstraps. They're holding that Honda generator to the backpack frame. They must have already hauled the microwave to the trail crew ;-)

    1. I had to Google it but now I know what NRS camstraps are.

  6. Wow! (Jim just can't shake you, can he?).

  7. We really enjoyed that hike also. I was not so excited about the ladder. We hiked right after it had rained. It was a bit slippery in places, but so much beauty in all directions.

  8. The trail led across one of those beautiful NW rivers that are fast, deep and crystal clear. It was at least 60 feet wide with the log about 12 feet above it. I unhitched my waist belt and thought about unlacing my boots but decided not. Half way across I froze. My hiking buddy came back, took my hand and helped me back to the start. After I calmed down he said, "Lets find someplace else." 45 years later I (still) revel at the opportunity to lend a hand at a tight spot.

    1. Actually, Jim would have come back to help me but I declined his offer :-)

  9. Wooo hoo, back in the red rocks! I've not done that hike yet...looks like a must-do!

  10. Did you ever see that commercial on TV of that girl climbing one of the pinnacles at Fisher towers? I don't remember what it was for but it was really scary looking.

    1. It was a Citibank commercial. Here's the link.

  11. Oh I love the beautiful red rock and it looks like the weather is wonderful. Those towers are amazing.

  12. This is an awesome hike especially when the climbers are there. Our first visit (the one you mentioned) was the best for climbers:) The second visit had climbers but none were brave (crazy) enough to stand up when they got to the top. Can't to see more of this area we love and sooo miss. Have fun!

  13. Great hike, also could do without the ladders. But you're making me miss the red rock.

  14. Such beautiful country. We really have missed out by not exploring Utah as others have. Seems we have some catching up to do. Great photos!