Friday, March 10, 2017

Last Week at McDowell


It’s been a busy last week here at McDowell Mountain Park. Alex and Ellen came back to stay in overflow for a while, Mark and Bobbie showed up to join them a couple days later. We had a nice visit with Dave and Sandy, Lazy Daze owners who are staying here. And Hans and Lisa arrived Tuesday. We also had a couple more doctor appointments, a cat day, and a car problem. Still managed to squeeze in some bike rides and a hike.

Sad news to report that at happy hour the other night I went to show someone the hummingbird nest and it was gone. We looked all over the ground but it wasn’t there. Guessing maybe a raven came and took it for the eggs but who knows.

I forgot to mention in the last post that a good friend of ours from Indiana died after suffering a skull fracture and brain bleed from a fall. We’ve known Doug since the 80s, and last visited him in Indianapolis back in 2011. He and Jim had been emailing about some things just a week or two before the accident. Hard to believe he is gone, and at the young age of 58. He was a very good artist, and had a booth at an arts festival when we visited.


Last year we met Kurt and Toni, fulltimers from the Phoenix area, and had a few beers at a brewery in Ketchum, Idaho in August. When we arrived here at McDowell in November they happened to be here, also. Just read on the blog that Toni died last month, at the age of 56. It is so easy to take things for granted, but we just never know when our time is up on this earth.

On a happier note, the flowers are putting on quite a show around here. Bobbie, Mark, Ellen and Jim on the Scenic trail.



Some photos from a 30 mile bike ride with Mark and Bobbie, and Ellen. Jim missed the ride due to an issue with the Subaru, and Alex was in the middle of removing and replacing caulk on their RV. They missed a fun and beautiful ride through McDowell Mountain Park and into the McDowell Sonoran Preserve around Granite Mountain.


Nice, fairly easy trails.






Poppies everywhere!




Ellen and Bobbie taking a break.


Mark admiring his bike.


Found another crested saguaro but couldn’t quite get close enough.


The Subaru problem turned out to be a sensor in the gas tank. The check engine and various other lights came on and stayed, and the gas gauge read empty. Luckily it was still driveable, but it took three trips to the dealer to get diagnosed, take it back when the parts came in, and to pick it up yesterday. They did give us a loaner but it was still a hassle and a bit unnerving wondering if it would get fixed before we left today. And cost a whopping $700! We first thought it was rodent damage, as the day it happened Jim looked under the hood and found droppings and pieces of insulation chewed off from under the hood, but apparently they were just gathering some nesting material.

Tuesday was our last day at Fearless Kitty. Four months and we are not leaving with another cat, although we’re sure some of you were betting we would. I think Elvis and Sophie cured us of wanting any more cats while we live in an RV, although there is no shortage of cute ones out there needing homes.

Oro is one of my favorites, but I love them all.

DSC07000                                                                                                                                                           DSC07003





This is Jim’s buddy, Zorro. No danger in us adopting him, as he likes to pee in inappropriate places, but he’s been doing better.


Our last happy hour, with Lisa, Mark Jim, Bobbie, Alex, Ellen, and Hans.


Today we’re heading to the west side of Phoenix for a long-awaited face to face meet-up with virtual blogging friends. It will feel good to be on the move again.


  1. So sorry to hear about your friends passing. Our days are numbered and we just never know when our time is up. We went to Texas to pick up or RV which DH had been living in a couple of weeks ago and darned if we were not in the middle of nowhere Texas, about 1 and a half our out of Lovely Lubbock when I realized the pain in my chest that had been nagging at me all day was another Pulmonary Embolism (had one in 2011 and you never forget how it feels). Told hubby not to panic but we needed to stop in Lubbock at the ER. Well things got worse and finally I called 911 and an ambulance came out to meet us. I spent two days in the hospital with two Embolisms (I had a knee injury a few weeks ago......the likely culprit). Not fun!!!!! As always your photos are beautiful and I wish we could be out on the road. Well we will be going to Bend OR in a month and living in our RV up there..........that is a beautiful area with lots of outdoor stuff. I just hope I get to enjoy it now that I am once again on blood thinners.

  2. Love the flower and kitty shots. So sad about your friends, gone too soon.

  3. We really don't know what the next day will bring, important to be grateful for every one of them. Love the delicate poppies among the harsher environment - looks like a wonderful trail.

  4. So sad about your friend, Doug, and the hummingbird nest. So true about never knowing what is in our future. Love now!

    30 mile bike guys are like robots. Love the crested! Great shot.

    Oh sorry to read about your car. Egads, that is a lot of money!

    Oh my gosh, those cats at Fearless Kitty are adorable. You two have some great will power that is for sure.

  5. So sorry to read about your friends passing at such a young age. You are so right about not knowing what each day holds. That was some bike ride. Great job with a fantastic show with all the desert beauty:) It was so nice to finally meet!! It felt like we have been friends for a long time. Thanks so much for coming our way!!

  6. It was great seeing you once again!

    So many of these reminders lately that we must live life to the fullest every single day.

  7. That is so true about taking things for granted. It must be strange to be getting back on the road after being anchored for so long. Bon voyage!

  8. I do love my bike, though it will likely be the means to my end.

  9. Wow sorry about your friend's passing at such a young age. Good for you to to be out there living life and enjoying yourselves. Bummer that we did not connect this winter. I hope our paths cross again in the future. We leave Tucson March 24 to start our journey back to Seattle. Love the cat pictures!

  10. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. We lost a good friend this pass week and he was only 55. So sad!!
    I am also sorry the hummingbird nest was lost. I was hoping to see pictures.

    Love those flowers....great bike ride!!

  11. So sorry to hear about your friends passing. Especially when one passes at such an early age I think we are all reminded that life is fleeting and each day must be embraced. It looks like you had some wonderful experiences in FH. I was one of those who thought you might walk away with a kitty. Looking forward to seeing you soon.