Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Day at the Coast



Thanks to Jim ordering a pair of shoes from REI that were too small, and not wanting to have to mail them back, we decided to drive 57 miles to the REI store in Encinitas so he could return them. Terry and LuAnn decided to join us, so we made it a day of shopping, lunch and a walk.


We love the Pacific coast, and this was our first visit to Encinitas, named by National Geographic as one of the 20 best surf towns in the world.  The surf was not very high that day but we did see some surfers out there.


By the time we got done shopping, with Terry buying hiking boots at REI, and Jim buying court shoes at Seaside Rackets, (sadly, nothing for the girls) it was time for lunch. Terry and LuAnn had camp hosted at nearby San Elijo State Beach, so they are familiar with the area and recommended the Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar, on Hwy 101, the main street of eclectic downtown Encinitas.. It was a great choice, as they have a large number of vegetarian and vegan items on the menu, and everything we had was excellent.

From there we walked a few blocks to the meditation gardens at the Self-Realization Fellowship. Encinitas is known as the "Flower Capital of the World" because of its extensive collection of unique nurseries and gardens, and is also the world's leading grower of poinsettias.



What a beautiful, peaceful place.


And I got to pet a cat.


Lovely koi ponds.


Hope they aren’t lunch for the cat.


The flowers were just gorgeous.

Jojoba hHills 2017

Jojoba hHills 20171

As were the views of the Pacific.



After seeing the coast from above, we walked another couple of blocks to a park with access to the beach down a steep set of stairs. That’s Jim at the top responding to a text message.


View from the stairs.


We spotted these two guys working on shoring up the bluffs. It looked like tedious work having to do it while hanging on a harness.



I heard a man telling his two young grandsons that when he was a teenager they would come and go to the beach on this set of now closed old stairs.


A little glimpse of some high dollar real estate on top of the bluffs.



Except for some traffic slowdowns on the way home, as by the time we left it was nearing rush hour, it was a very pleasant day. We really liked what we saw of Encinitas and would like to go back and spend more time there.


  1. Thanks for such a great post on one of our favorite beach towns.

    1. We can understand why it would be one of your favorite beach towns.

  2. I have wanted to visit this town for years, and now I'm even more motivated. Wonderful pics of the surf with the spring flora. The gardens are truly stunning!

  3. Nice gardens there. Thanks for the pictures.

  4. Those photos of workers gives new meaning to "hanging out at the beach."

  5. Looks a great time. Jim was right about the drive. I worked in Oceanside last summer and enjoyed riding our bikes to Encinitas and Carlsbad. Nice pictures

    1. We thought it would be a great place to bike. There is such a good vibe from beach towns like this.

  6. Looks like a really lovely place!! Love all those beautiful flowers....gorgeous colors!!
    Looks like you all had a great outing!!

  7. I do not like to order shoes online as they never fit. But you made it into a good excuse to explore. The gardens are gorgeous and some of those koi look as big as the cat.

    1. Yes, ordering shoes online is never a good idea unless you know they fit. I tried to tell him ;-)

  8. 38 years ago I worked at a Veggie Restaurant a block north of the SRF call The Shepherd. I lived in Carlsbad at the time and rode my bicycle to work most of the time. Great town, great area. It was interesting to see the changes to the beach from your photos.

    1. Bet that was a really nice area 38 years ago when there weren't near as many people living there.

  9. We spent about 10 days in Encinitas a couple of years ago and loved it! So much fun to walk the beaches and bike everywhere. We also really enjoyed the little neighboring town of Leucadia—even more laid back, and with an excellent farmers' market. Looks like you shared a wonderful day with Terry and LuAnn. Your photos of the SRF gardens are beautiful.

  10. Looks like you had a picture perfect day for your visit...and you caught the gardens in prime condition! Your photos have me looking forward to our summer on the OR coast!

  11. We had to go to the same REI to get my hiking boots in my size. It was a nice drive from San Diego. What a beautiful garden and the views are spectacular. And spending it with great people topped a perfect day:)

  12. We really enjoy Encinitas and the Meditation Gardens. Great to spend the day there with the two of you.

  13. Encinitas is just gorgeous. Love the koi.