Friday, November 28, 2008

Last day San Antonio, TX

Yesterday being Thanksgiving we drove into town and visited the Alamo. You are required by Texas law to see the Alamo when traveling anywhere in their state. Obviously, that can present a burden to those that aren't near San Antonio. It was an interesting place and the interior grounds are beautifully landscaped.

This park, Travelers World is very nice and well maintained. It is situated next to a golf course but the rest of the area is obviously poorer and not much to look at.

Today was devoted to exercise, cycling and working out.

Gayle has complained about my hygiene. I am attaching a photo to let you be the judge.

This note will likely be the last for a week or more. We are heading to Garner State Park, then Seminole State Park and finally Big Bend National Park. It looks as though we will not have cell or data card connections for that time which might be a couple of weeks.


  1. Nice post Jim. You look more natural without your teeth.

  2. Why is Gayle complaining? I think the beard is handsome!