Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yesterday we drove over to Lost Maples State Natural Area. It has a small camping area, only thirty sites but has a number of trails. The Sabinal River runs through the park. That river like the Rio Frio is crystal clear and cold. The leaves on the maples were past their peak but it is still a lovely area. In general the Texas hill country around here is gorgeous

The rocks in the area appear to be mostly limestone which is fairly soft as rocks go. But you can see that in the way rain has worn them down. Picking one up leaves dust on your hand.


  1. Stopped by to check on your house this past Thursday. Everything looks the same as you left it..The lawn is dormant and the leaves are falling. Will be in the nieghborhood on Wens. to leaf blow the patio and front porch..No charge..Just buy me a beer when you get back.

  2. Jim & Gayle, Kelly here. Good to know that as one of your contacts I was advised you all may be NOCOMMO for a few weeks! Jeez, did you pack a first aid kit?! Anyway, call Alexis as soon as possible then me for your verbal punishment. We will advise the county that you have been found! hahah kelly-out 12/11/08 16:30 CST