Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Camera



After our daily doctor’s appointments (today we both saw the dermatologist to get a few things removed), we picked up our mail and the new camera. It was getting late by the time we went for a walk this evening, but Jim played around and took a bunch of shots.


Turtle head in the water.




Fort Pickens.


The highrises of Pensacola Beach way off in the distance.


NAS Pensacola across the inracoastal waterway.


Different camera settings. Lots to learn.



Taken in the dark with the infrared setting. Pretty cool.


Not to keep everyone in suspense, but Jim’s colonoscopy went fine, and he is clear for another ten years. The prep was different this time and not quite as bad, and they used Propofol (the drug that killed Michael Jackson) for the procedure, which left him feeling pretty normal afterward and with no amnesia. In fact we went for a 12 mile bike ride yesterday afternoon and then over to Gary and Terrie’s for dinner. I figured he would sleep most of the afternoon!


  1. Great photos. And the infrared setting is amazing.
    Glad to hear the colonoscopy was clear. That is always a relief, even if you weren't worried, right?

  2. WOW...wish I had your Dr. and Drugs... glad your okay! GREAT pictures! Pat

  3. Great pics -- we passed thru Pensacola yesterday on our way to Destin. We are taking the Southern route to NC:) Glad Jim's OK!!

  4. New cameras are fun, aren't they? You got some great shots right out of the box.

    Good medical news is always nice to hear.

  5. Those are great pictures.

    I want your doctor and your camera. I need a new one of each.
    Just tell me where to go to get them. :-)

    I think I'll just come where you are to get the colonoscopy I've been putting off for YEARS. A 12 mile bike ride is testimony enough for me.

  6. Glad to hear everything went well. I too had Propofol when I had it done. But MJ had just died and I was a bit anxious about having that drug. However the Dr. assured me that it was OK. I felt the same as you when it was all over.

    I resally like the pictures from your camera. Mine is on it's last legs and time for a new one. I have read all the reviews and it sounds like a good choice.