Friday, January 27, 2012

Quinta Mazatlan



No, we didn’t go back to Mexico, it just sounds like it. During our visit to Estero Llano Grande State Park, we talked with a gentleman who recommended that we not miss Quinta Mazatlan, an estate and birding center now owned by the city of McAllen. Last evening they were having a birding program by nature photographer Luciano Guerra, so we arrived early to have time to wander the house and grounds and hopefully see the green parakeets that come to the area.


There were many bird feeding stations but it was quiet and we only saw a few chachalacas hiding in the bushes, no parakeets.



This guy had the feeders all to himself.


And this cute little rabbit nearly ran right up to us on the trail.


Giant butterflies among the palms.


And the 1935 house was beautiful, very luxurious for it’s time. This is the grand hall where the program took place.


Tiles around the windows.


An antique piano.


And even a Roman tub.


It’s been fun learning more about birdwatching but we will probably never become serious birders. I can’t stop and be still that long. The other day at the state park the volunteer told us a woman came from South Padre Island to see the Clay Colored Thrush that’s been hanging around the park. She waited four hours and the bird never showed up. The next day we rode our bikes into the park and stopped for a minute to see what was at the feeders. There was the clay colored thrush! Guess the poor woman came a day too early.


  1. Beautiful building, I especially love that Roman tub! The bathtub is one thing I miss when we're living the RV life.

  2. Lovely house and grounds. Great story about the woman and the thrush. I like to know my birds but wait 4 hours to see one? I don't think so.


  3. I love being able to take mini-vacations through your blog. Thank you! :)

  4. Chance encounters with birds sounds good ... enjoy seeing a variety ... big and small ... but waiting around four hours just to see one isn't in my genes.

  5. Yea...another place to put on our list to visit. We still haven't got to Estero Llano Grande State Park OR Sana Ana. These guys here keep us too busy. Great photos. Are those real giant butterflies? Amazing. ~wheresweaver

  6. What a beautiful mansion. You guys know more about birds than I ever will. Glad you were able to spot the Clay Colored Thrush.

  7. At first I thought the butterflies were real. Holy Crap those are HUGE! Since it is before 8AM, I had to look again, unlike D, who wakes up at full alert :)