Monday, August 27, 2012

Continental Divide Trail to Boss and Hunt Lakes



It was a perfect day for a high altitude hike so we got in Chuck and Carla’s Jeep and drove about 12 miles up the road towards Monarch Pass, then another mile on County Rd 230, which the hiking guide said was a 4WD only road. And they weren’t kidding.


 The Hunt Lake trail is actually a 2 mile segment of the Continental Divide Trail, so a 4 mile round trip hike to 2 lakes sounded great. After starting up the road, it was so steep, rough, and rocky that Jim, Carla and I got out to scout out the road ahead. Carla thought they could make it so everyone but me got back in the Jeep. As slow as they were going I decided it seemed like a better idea to just hike the mile to the trailhead. I was sure happy that I walked. I know lots of people think jeeping is great fun, but I really get no pleasure out of being bounced around like a beach ball when I can walk almost as fast. I got to the trailhead only 5 minutes after they did.

Looks more like a trail than a road to me.


It was a nice mile hike to Boss Lake, where we stopped and took a break. Carla was not having a good hiking day, but that happens sometimes, especially at 11,000’.




Our second mile to Hunt Lake seemed longer, but we made it and had a snack in this alpine setting. We had the lake to ourselves.




Going back was much easier, downhill almost the whole way, and Jim was nice enough to walk fast with me so we could get down the road ahead of the Jeep. We were almost to the end before they caught us.


I just can’t say enough good things about this area. Last night we went to the Salida riverfront for a free outdoor jazz concert, then had dinner at Moonlight Pizza and Brewpub.


It was another great pizza and good beer, although Ska Brewery in Durango is our favorite so far. Salida is one of the few places we’ve come to in our travels where we might like to live, at least in the summer, although we have lots of other places to see before we ever settle down again.


  1. Now that is one rough road!
    Boss Lake looks so blue. Must be that great cool air and mountain snow.

  2. Your reports certainly make me wish my lungs would function better. At 8000 feet I am panting like a tired dog when I am just sitting. Keep up the pictures. At least I can see that part of the country from your pics. thank you.

  3. You guys are just having Too Much Fun this summer! Isn't Colorado a great state! Please say Hi to Chuck, Carla, And Debbie for me.

    - Joe from Elephant Butte '09

  4. What wonderful pictures of a beautiful place. I might have stayed all day at that lake. Just gorgeous with the mountains....oh my. I am so envious and like you, I'd rather hike than 4 wheel. But then I'd rather walk than drive almost any time to almost any place. 10 or 12 miles round trip is my limit though usually.

  5. Salida is a quaint little town... just far enough from Denver to keep out the riffraff :))
    There is an abundance of 14'ers too... the colligate range... Princeton, Harvard... tho I am a Yale man, myself :)
    Great post! Enjoy God's country!

  6. Ditto with your last comment - Salida is definitely a place I could live - at least in the summer...