Friday, August 31, 2012

If Only Julie Andrews Was Here



Two hikes in two days had us singing “The Sound of Music”. Something about the Pagosa Springs area just has that effect. Yesterday we drove up to Wolf Creek Pass and the Lobo Overlook to hike a portion of the Continental Divide Trail. We’ve been on the CDT in other places, but none with this kind of scenery.

Park at the microwave tower to reach the trailhead at 11,500’.


As far as Colorado trails go, the portion we hiked was fairly level, although our lungs were aware of any uphill sections due to the elevation. Unfortunately there were many dead trees which we assumed was damage from the pine bark beetle that we’ve seen in other parts of the state.


We really had the feeling of being on top of the world.


This would be a great hike a little earlier in the summer when more wildflowers were in bloom. There were still some areas with healthy looking flowers, but most were past their peak.


Because this part of the CDT is in the Weminuche Wilderness, no motorized vehicles or even mountain bikes are allowed on the trail. Unfortunately horses are welcome and we passed three with pack mules going on an elk hunting expedition


Today we hiked a few miles on the Piedra River Trail, another lovely area north of town. Just the drive to both these trailheads is worth the trip.


The trail runs along the river, another fairly easy hike with not much change in elevation.


The river soon enters a canyon-like area with high rock walls. We couldn’t believe we picked two hikes in a row with such beauty.



Can’t you hear us singing?


So far nobody else has found our campsite and tried to join us for the weekend except a couple of deer and elk. Hope it stays that way.



  1. That is just being greedy keeping those views all to yourselves. Probably feel the same way if we were there. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. And here I was thinking of hooking up with you...

  3. I hear you singing all the way in Minnesota hahahah!!! Pat

  4. Another beautiful hike. No wonder you were singing "the hills are alive........"

  5. That is fabulous scenery! Gayle you should have worn a dress and jumped along the trail singing. LOL!

  6. "unfortunately horses are welcome."

    Spoken like danged Eastern city slickers. (grin)

    Aw guys, come on! Do you really want the outdoors experience to narrow down to one "flavor" allowed -- everything else illegal?

  7. Looks like you guys are continuing to enjoy Colorado
    :-). Guess what we just bought!!! A 1994 26' Lazy Daze! What Fun!!! See ya on the road!

  8. Looks like a very beautiful area! Thanks for the pictures.