Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We’re Still Here



Canal along the Mission Bike Trail.


In our limited free time I just haven’t felt like blogging lately, but we are alive and well in Mission, TX. At least I am, anyway. Jim’s had numerous minor health issues this winter, so he’s spent way too much time in doctor’s offices. I knew I should have married a younger man! The good news is since he finished up the implant in November he hasn’t had any more dental problems.

Workamping is keeping us really busy, but it’s been fun so far. Part of our job in Activities is lining up the entertainment for next season. A couple weeks ago we spent a day in Harlingen at the Rio Grande Valley Entertainers Showcase. Each performer had nine minutes to do their thing. It was like the old Gong Show, if you remember that, except that unfortunately we couldn’t stop them before their nine minutes were up. Some were really bad (like the Elvis impersonator), many were mediocre, and a few were very good. We only signed a couple acts for next year, but the other Activities people went to the second Showcase last week and got a few more signed.

Debbie and I have been volunteering at Cinderella Pet Rescue on Mondays. We try to ride our bikes as much as we can, and have been regularly working out with weights in the fitness center. That is one thing we miss about not having the space for a home gym or a place to work out when we’re on the road. It’s our intention to try harder to find ways to do strength training when we leave here in a couple months.

Kiwi and Tangerine, two of of the Cinderella cats.


Elvis and Sophie have tripled in weight and are beginning to look like real cats. They are getting more mischievous every day, which can be very trying on our patience, but they are so darned cute it’s hard to stay mad at them. They will be old enough to get spayed and neutered in March before we leave, lucky them.

They are exploring everything, especially Sophie. Elvis is a bit slower and waits until she does something bad, then follows her lead.



It’s hard to believe we used this Kleenex box as Elvis’s bed the night we got him.



Bird watching is one of their favorite activities, when they’re not going wild. The seed feeder attracts hoards of red winged black birds.


And the golden-fronted woodpeckers love the peanut butter feeder. Sophie even recognizes their sound and runs to look out the window when she hears it.


Although we didn’t want any more cats, now we can’t imagine what it would be like not to have these two goofballs in our lives.



  1. They really do grab onto your heart strings. Great pictures of them. They sure are cute.

  2. That photo of the kitten in the box is precious. I'm a cat person too.

  3. You certainly have two mischief makers there! :)

  4. They are so little and limber they can get into anything. So cute! I'm sure you're going to enjoy years of entertainment with them. Slow blogging day, CAT PICTURES! We'll all get to watch them grow. :)

  5. LOVE, love, love the kitty and and bird pictures.

    I couldn't imagine my life without cats. We've always had at least two (except when I was college, of course).

  6. Those two are so adorable. I just love them. It is hard to believe that little Kleenex box was once a bed.

    We will still try to catch up with you two. The next two weeks are crammed for us.

  7. The kitties sure are cute. My cat was 16yrs old when I moved her into my RV, so she never crawled around to get into things, she never even sat up on the dashboard. These little ones seem to be checking out every part of your RV.

  8. Your cats are truly special. I also love that picture of the golden fronted woodpecker.

  9. Sophie so reminds us of our cat, Partner. It makes me want a cat again.
    We carry 40 pound of free weights and do our workouts in the RV 3X a week (sometimes). It really helps to not have to find a gym.

  10. They are really growing up fast.