Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Shady Affair


It’s probably been close to three months since a cord broke on one of the shades in our bedroom. I managed to tie a knot in the broken cord, so the shade would still go up and down most of the way. We decided to try to restring it ourselves, and I even ordered some cord from We have been busy working and doing other things since then, the shade was still functioning, and we were basically burying our heads in the sand trying to avoid actually doing the job. Or like Sophie, burying our heads in a drink holder.


The other day Jim noticed that the knot I tied was enlarging the hole in the blind, so we decided it was time to get to work. One reason we attempted to tackle the job ourselves is that another Lazy Daze owner, Ted, was kind enough to post excellent instructions on his blog, complete with photos. All Lazy Daze come with pleated night shades, not the day-night shades that seem to be common in most RVs.


We decided to see if we could remove the shade without removing the valance. So far so good. Taking the shade apart was fairly easy. And thanks to wxToad’s excellent instructions, the restringing part was not as hard as we thought it would be. We misread the last step a bit so we ended up with it being a little too loose, but after almost three hours of work we decided to adjust it another day.

We had the most trouble trying to remount the shade. Jim decided we did need to take down the valance after all. 5 screws later and the valance was just as secure on the wall as it was before removing the screws. We were unable to locate any other screws or brackets, so we gave up and finally got the holes lined up to remount the shade with the valance in place. That was actually the most difficult part of the job.

Now it was time to indulge ourselves in a beer and a nice glass of box wine. I drank the wine, Elvis got the box.



  1. We had several shades in the motorhome break. We found great instructions online and fixed them all. The first one was a bit of a challenge with some choice words said by Paul but then they were pretty easy.

    Elvis cracks me up!!!

  2. all of those little plastic fasteners that adjust the tightness of the string broke on me, so I replaced them with sewing machine bobbins, they work great.

  3. Your cats are seriously amusing!

  4. We too have restrung shadesin Winnona or rather David has. ;-)). First one was tricky but the next much easier. Congratulations!!

  5. Now aren't you glad you're done with that little chore?? We haven't done any mods ourselves but have read that LDs are not easy to disassemble LOL. We have a new shower head to install and haven't even attempted that. Those kitties are sure cute. Bet they keep you entertained.

  6. Your 'in-house' entertainment is hilarious! Those two kitties are as cute as can be!
    Congrats on re-stinging the blind...a daunting task that I know I'll have to do one day...not looking forward to it.
    I bought 'Cat' a new toy today..the one where the ball goes around a circle. I haven't seen her all day. She's still on my bed playing with it!

  7. Cats are just plain amusing and amazing. Boxes are our cats entertainment centers. Well boxes and picture windows with birdies on the other side!

  8. I like the new kittens, we were woundering how it would be fulltimeing with them. I did have a couple of questions on the Lazy Daze and I have not read your entire blog, so you can direct me to a page that you cover this. How do you find living in the Lazy Daze, for years now? How have you worked out storage? Do you take breaks from each other once in awhile? I've hit and miss many parts of your blog and plan on going through it over the next month.

  9. Dan, I can't recall specific pages that might answer your questions. It is probably a cumulative thing.

    For us the LD has worked out fine. But I think what works is a personal choice. What do you want, where do you want to go, how do you plan to stay, etc. I wouldn't mind having a used Foretravel but don't see us changing in the near future.

    Storage works out, then again, a bigger rig would make storage easier.

    We don't take breaks from each other but perhaps we should. We just seem to get along and we pretty much share the same interests. Of course Gayle does have OCD otherwise she wouldn't blog so much.

    Feel free to contact us by email and we will try to answer other questions.