Monday, December 2, 2013

Government Wash, Lake Mead NRA



All it takes is a month in a busy, sardine packed RV park to make you appreciate a dispersed camping area like Government Wash in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Our view.


Since this is a well-known and popular area there are at least 25 other RVs here, but they are spread so far apart it doesn’t feel at all crowded. There is easy access for big rigs well away from the lake, but as you get closer to it the road gets rougher and it would take a little more effort to reach some of the prime spots near the water. And we’re only 15-20 miles from all the shopping, dining, and casinos you would ever need in Las Vegas. In fact late yesterday afternoon we took a drive into town to pick up some things at Petsmart ,Trader Joe’s and Total Wine. We were so close to Sammy’s Woodfire Grill we just had to stop for a beer and pizza. We ate there the last time we were in Vegas and really liked it. The pizza is great as is the atmosphere.

We came here to meet up with RVino John and Susan, who left Utah when the bad weather arrived a couple weeks ago. It’s been about 10 degrees warmer here than in the Zion area. They have one of the nicer sites away from the road and closer to the lake.


We picked a level pull-through spot just off the main road, but if we were planning to stay more than a few days we would rather be a little farther back from the road.


After we got here we hopped on our bikes to check out the area and stop and say hi to John and Susan and their dogs. They had some errands to run in town today so we planned to meet for happy hour this afternoon. We took advantage of the 60s and sunshine and took our bikes to the River Mountains Loop Trail, a paved 35 mile loop along Lake Mead. Our butts could only tolerate 10 miles riding on the pavement, and there were lots of steep ups and downs, so we decided to check out the dirt Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail that goes to Hoover Dam. Both trails have great views of Lake Mead and the surrounding mountains.


The Historic Tunnel Trail is built on the old railroad bed that was used in the construction of Hoover Dam. We rode through five tunnels and came out at the parking garage for the dam.



The new bridge.


At one point on the trail we saw several people taking pictures near this sign.


We looked up to see five big horn sheep on the rocks just above the sign. Almost like they were planted there.


We had a pleasant happy hour at John and Susan’s site, and ended it with this fiery sunset.



And the good news is we got an email from Z the cat’s mom, and she said he curled up and slept all the way to San Diego and is adjusting well. We are so happy he found a good home.

Isn’t this the picture of contentment?

Benny Z


  1. That is a beautiful cat. I like Government Wash. I can't think why we never stop there.

  2. So glad to hear the kitty is doing well. Love your campsite.

  3. What a gorgeous view!

    When we were in Boulder, NV, for a month, Paul road the Historic Rails. He really enjoyed the beauty of the area.

    Z does look so happy. Glad there is a happy ending.

  4. We just missed you! After 3 weeks we left Government Wash on the 1st. It was our second time staying there and we just love it. If you get a chance check out the hike called Anniversary Narrows. It's a really cool slot canyon only a few miles down the road. Enjoy the lake :)

    1. Our friends said they thought it was you who left Sunday morning before we got there. Sorry we didn't get to meet.
      And we are doing the Anniversary Narrows hike today!

    2. We're in the remaining airstream, Amanda turned us on to your blog. Beautiful photos.

  5. We just may have to add this location to next winters schedule. We lived in Vegas in the early nineties and had our fill so to speak but boondocking at Lake Mead is something we might consider. We're partial to water which isn't always easy in the desert. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great looking site. Last time we were there the lake was way down. Great pictures.

  7. I would trade places with you in a minute. Great looking area.