Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Night Before Christmas



How it got to be Christmas Eve already is a mystery to me this year. I stopped sending real cards last year, and we haven’t done the gift giving thing for many years now, so somehow time just goes by and all of a sudden it’s another holiday.


I can’t stop thinking of my good friend Joann who was killed in a bike accident in May and know how hard it will be for her family, as she was the one who always had the big Christmas get together at her house. I know after my mother died Christmas was never the same for me.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so morose on the night before Christmas. We are heading out early this morning for Jim to make one last trip to the doctor to get a couple skin lesions frozen off, then continue our as of yet unsuccessful search for a couple of new chairs for our “living room”. Perhaps mingling with the last minute shopping crowd in Scottsdale will help get me in the spirit!


Merry Christmas to our friends, family, and blog readers everywhere!


  1. Merry Christmas Jim and Gayle. Wow, two new bikes…I'd say you guys made a haul from old Santa.
    Box Canyon Mark and Bj.

  2. What beautiful pictures! Gorgeous place to celebrate the holidays! I'm looking in to hopefully going somewhere else than Florida for winter next year. Our best wishes to Jim for this doctor visit and to you both for wonderful holidays!

  3. Snuggling with kitties, nothing nicer than that on Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas to you. We replaced our chairs with euro chairs from Room's To Go. Bought the higher priced ones and after one and a half years they are very uncomfortable. The chairs have the separate stools, a mistake. The stools take up valuable floor space. We had recliners from Lazy Boy that lasted 10+ years when we had a home. In a Lazy Boy store about month ago and it seems like they have the same chair for $299, less the ones we now have. Only problem wife wants leather. In leather the same chair is $600. What to do What to do! Anyway good luck on your hunt.

  5. Those kids are just tooooooo cute!

    A very merry and blessed Christmas to you both dear friends.

  6. I think most adults have a happy/sad relationship with Christmas. We've all lost family, friends, or spouses who are missed more during the holidays. Also the old mystery and excitement that we had as children is different now. I'm glad I had wonderful Christmases as a child. Great memories.

    Merry Christmas to you both and the kitties!

  7. So sorry your heart is heavy. I hope you find joy in your beautiful surroundings and the love of Jim and the kitties. Barbara is right, the excitement we had as kids is not the same anymore. We had our Christmas with the family on Sunday so we can just relax and have a quiet day at home tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you.

  8. Merry Christmas to you all, and enjoy the sunshine. It's supposed to be cold here, so we're prepared to enjoy a North Pole Christmas, hopefully without the snow.

  9. Merry Christmas to you as well...

  10. Beautiful desert photos. Makes me look forward, with longing, to the end of January when we will be in the desert! Good luck finding some chairs, even though we found some that fit beautifully in the RV and seemed to fit our bodies well, I find that if I sit in mine too long my neck hurts. Oh well, just keeps me off my butt and that can't be a bad thing!

    Personally, I'd rather just skip this forced holiday season and look forward to new adventures next year!

  11. The first pic is AWESOME!!!!