Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meeting of Like Minds


Yesterday afternoon we spent a fun couple of hours at the first annual Quartzsite Blogger Fest. Thanks to Geri and the others who came up with the idea and put this together.

At first everyone was milling around, putting on name tags, and chit chatting.


I like what Judy said about “herding cats” while Geri and Sandie were trying to get everyone to sit in a circle so we could take turns introducing ourselves. We finally cooperated after some of us were reprimanded for getting into the food before the proper time. I won’t name names!



Judy introducing herself. We were disappointed she left Emma at home.


As we were sitting there I noticed a familiar looking dog working the crowd. Then we saw Al and Kelly of Bayfield Bunch walk behind us and realized it was Pheebes. Sure didn’t expect that they would show up! Judy was surprised that I was so tall, and I was surprised that Al was shorter than he looks in photos.

This is a horrible shot but it was the only one I got of them.


In fact I hardly took any photos since I was too busy running my mouth. Should have given the camera to Jim.

Pheebes and Yuma getting to know each other. We also got to meet Ivan’s cat Hailey who was not really into the crowd.


It was great to meet so many other blogging RVers but because there were over 50 people there we didn’t get to talk with everyone we wanted to. I won’t go into more details as many others have already blogged about the event. We do hope to see some of you again down the road!

When we got home it was cat walking time. One of the few things we bought in the Big Tent is a new harness for Elvis. The cheapie I bought at Walmart has to go over his head, which he hates, and he has learned to get out of it.


This one is much easier to put on since it has velcro on the straps, and I think he looks especially handsome in it! 



  1. Yesterday's BloggerFest was so fun, but I agree. Just not enough time to meet and chat with so many people. There were definitely some I missed, and I'm sorry about that.

    Love the new harness, and yes, Elvis does look especially handsome in it. :)

  2. I agree that Elvis looks very handsome in his new harness. Guess he and Sophie didn't want to go to the Blogger-fest. Nearly everyone whose blog I read was there and I'm not. I'm here in Florida missing the fun. Guess I'd better get more east coast blogs on my roll. LOL

  3. Gosh I don't think I ever saw Elvis outside looking so interactive with the whole process. He certainly does look handsome in his new coat!!

  4. Yep! A fun time had by all. It was interesting meeting the faces behind the words.

  5. Oh, that Elvis. He looks so proud in his new Blue Suede suit. The apple does not fall far from the Peterman Family Tree, it would appear...

  6. I want one of those harnesses for Mitsuki. It looks really good on Elvis! And it appears secure and comfortable as well.

    1. Here is the link but it is a poorly done website.
      Elvis is wearing the medium size, $19. He tried to wiggle his way out of it today like he did with the other one but couldn't slip out no matter how he contorted his little body!

    2. Sounds like this harness is a success. Thanks for the link, I sent them an inquiry.

  7. Yes, handsome is the key word for describing Elvis. Always so hard to get around & meet everyone at larger gatherings & then afterwards we all feel bad for not seeing everybody. Even almost harder is putting a blog of photos together & trying to remember who's who. Nice to see the big turn out & hopefully Blogger-Fest will be even bigger. Maybe one of these days our paths will cross for a more in depth sit down:))

  8. Was wonderful meeting some of these bloggers and as others have said just not enough time. Wonderful to meet both of you and a relief to see that Jim doesn't look like the profile pic.

  9. It was great to meet you, oh tall one! ;)

  10. Our cat Partner went absolutely ballistic when we tried to put that kind of harness on him. Glad Elvis likes it.

  11. Nice harnes for Elvis. I am so sorry that I missed meeting you. Maybe next year.

  12. Love what you said about the height of people - it is the thing I am most "surprised" by when I meet people I've been communicating with. Looks like next year's fest will need to expand its time frame :-) The new harness looks like a comfy vest compared to the ones with straps - and of course Elvis looks very handsome.

  13. We bought that same harness for Sylvester! Same size and same color! I must get a photo for the blog.
    Great to meet both of you....and everyone else that was there.
    We are in Yuma for another INR test...heading west..I think..but back in Apache J, Scots dale and Tonto NF by mid or late Feb.

  14. Definitely not enough time at blogger fest and I really don't know what to do about that. So many wonderful people and I hardly got to talk to anybody. Love Elvis's harness. He really is a cool cat.