Saturday, March 7, 2015




We finally made a dent in our to-do list this week, although not without some frustration. The painters were scheduled to come Tuesday but did not show and we did not hear from them. In their defense it did rain Monday so we expected them to be behind but a phone call would have been a nice gesture. Jim called them late Tuesday and he said they would be here Wednesday. Jim told him we were taking the motor home in on Thursday for service, and asked if it would be okay to drive it if they painted the previous day. He said no problem.

We had to take the chairs in Wednesday morning and run a couple other errands, and of course the painters were still not here when we got back in the early afternoon, and did not show at all on Wednesday. When we got to Action with the chairs, the manager, in his broken English, said they didn’t have time to work on them. It was another very uncomfortable conversation, and I finally had to point to the sticky note on his calendar with our name, phone number, etc., and said we were leaving the chairs because he scheduled us to bring them in on Wednesday. This is while I’m having to wrestle with Jim not to take the chairs back to the car and leave. Finally he promised us they would be ready Friday afternoon, and Jim said he was coming to get them one way or another. The good news is they were finished yesterday morning, so time will tell whether this foam collapses like the stuff they put in last year. They also added some reinforcement to the bottom and it looks and feels like they did an excellent job, so one mission accomplished.

We had an 8 o’clock appointment at Alexander Ford on Thursday and they got started right away on our long list of inspection and maintenance items. Brake flush, cooling flush, differential service, fuel filter, transmission flush, replace the serpentine belt and radiator hoses, inspect brakes, steering, wheel bearings, etc. We were out of there by 12:30, after spending just over $1,000. Considering we’ve owned this Lazy Daze for 7 1/2 years it has previously only been in the shop for tires and a transmission flush, so now it should be good to go for a long while. Jim has always done his own oil changes, since it is so inconvenient to take “our house” into the shop.

One other little improvement we made this week was installing two of these Add-A-Drawers under our table. Should have done this a long time ago. Now if I can just get Jim to put the remotes back in…

Mittry Lake, Yuma, AZ

We finally got a call from the painter on Thursday afternoon, asking if we would be home on Friday after 2. They did not say but we suspect they came by when we were gone Thursday morning. Finally at 4:30 yesterday one guy showed up and did the prep work. Two others came by at 5:30, but then they all left before telling us if they would be back on Saturday or Monday. Doesn’t really matter, but it sure would be nice to keep your customers in the loop. Our neighbors told us we need to get used to the way things are done in Yuma. When someone says tomorrow, you have to ask them “which tomorrow”?

So once the painting is done all we have left is the floor next week and my dentist appointment, plus a few other little things we’ve been putting off. It feels good to cross things off our list.

Of course we have still managed to get in a little hiking and biking. The Yuma East Wetlands Trail downtown along the Colorado River.




North Fortuna Wash trails. This is another rugged, scenic area with trails and ATV roads going everywhere.


Mittry Lake, Yuma, AZ1


Looks like we can relax for a few days before we start ripping out our carpet. Stay tuned…



  1. Definitely looking forward to all your before and after pics, once all the "tomorrow's" pass, of course. And $1000 for all that service sounds great! If only our big beast was so cheap :)

  2. One of the main reasons we decided against a diesel pusher (as much as we would enjoy the added space) is the higher cost of maintenance and all the extra systems that need repair and service. Just didn't think we could stomach it!

  3. I can only guess Elvis is in the sink because you are about to use it. :-0

    Simply drooling, my dears, over those drawers. See you soon!

  4. That is the way they work in Mission. It is always Mañana.

    Hope those painters come back sometime in the near future.

  5. Hummm if you are missing a cat look in your sink! Very cute! Where we live in New Mexico it is like that too getting people to actually show up for an appointment to do some work on the house is hit or miss, hopefully your windows get painted soon and look really nice and worth the wait.

    We have been over that bridge in your photo looks really nice from that view. I have been over it many times, seeing it from such a nice view is nice.

  6. How frustrating when promises are made and then they don't show up, or things aren't done. Geez. :( But I guess if we have patience, it all gets done eventually.

  7. Sure hope these maybe yes maybe no painters actually do better work than their business practices would suggest. 4.5 hours to get all that done sounds like no one was messing around there. Just love your opening picture. Hope everything you are getting done has rainbows over it.

  8. I thought cats didn't like water. Did Elvis want a bath?

    1. Elvis is fascinated with water. He loves dipping his front paws in his water bowl and drops his toys in it. He's a strange one!

    2. Elvis is fascinated with water. He loves dipping his front paws in his water bowl and drops his toys in it. He's a strange one!

  9. Congrats on getting the chairs done on time - sad that we celebrate a business doing what they promised in the first place :-( . Love the flowers of the desert - that ocotillo is beautiful!! Enjoy knocking out your list.

  10. Elvis doesn't like all this crazy stuff going on around the RV!

  11. Into everyone's Heaven, a little Hell must fall...

  12. I hope you actually get the painting done. Good the chairs worked out:) Looks like some beautiful hiking! Hike off the frustration:) Love Elvis...getting a drink??