Saturday, April 18, 2015

Last Days In San Diego



Our month in San Diego is nearly at an end, and although we’ve had fun here sightseeing, brewery hopping, and hanging out with friends, we will be glad to get out of the city.

We’ve been having some issues with the touchpad on our five month old Dell laptop, and Jim has spent much time on the phone with tech support trying to fix the problem. Finally they decided we needed a new touchpad, and wanted us to send the computer in for replacement. There is no way we were going to do that, since Jim is convinced it’s a software problem anyway, so he asked if they could just send us the new touchpad and he would replace it. We got an email back saying they would send someone out, even though we did not purchase the additional in-home warranty. Now that’s great service! And it’s a good thing Jim didn’t attempt to do this himself since the entire computer had to be disassembled.

Don’t try this at home.


Sadly the same problem has happened again once since the touchpad was replaced, but luckily a restart resolves it. Computers can be very frustrating.

That afternoon we took Suzanne, Jim, and Allison to the Ocean Beach farmer’s market for some interesting people watching, then to nearby Pizza Port for dinner, our third time there. After the excellent pizza and beer we walked off our meal along Sunset Cliffs. It was a beautiful evening.






The waves were pretty tame but there were still quite a few surfers out there .



Lots of crazy kids were jumping in the water above the hole in the rock. 



But that was the easy part. Getting out looked to be even more of a challenge.


This is a really beautiful stretch of the Pacific coast.




We hung out until it was over. 



Yesterday Jim and I decided to tour the waterfront area of downtown San Diego and stroll along the Embarcadero.








Our favorite part of the walk was watching the planes coming in for a landing at the airport, which is right next to downtown.

P1000381      P1000390

After our tour we met Jim and Allison and Suzanne at Slater’s 50/50 for our last brew pub experience. It’s been fun.

Then last night Suzanne and I took a sunset bike ride around Fiesta Island. It was another lovely evening on Mission Bay.



We’re glad we experienced San Diego, but I’m not sure even the breweries could lure us back. Tomorrow we move on to Jojoba Hills near Temecula, a much quieter locale.


  1. Are they going to let you in on Sunday?

  2. captured some awesome sights. The waterfront is beautiful.

    Those people are nuts diving into that water.

    I agree...the Pacific coast is one gorgeous place.

  3. I was just going to say, "that's where Judy is". I totally agree with you about cities although your pictures of the sunset cliffs are just fantastic. What a beautiful place. It seems Pizza Port must be a terrific place to eat if you’ve been there 3 times. Really sorry to hear that a 5 month old laptop is giving you so much trouble. I’ve always bought Dell’s just because their customer support is so good but it sounds like they’ve got a problem with this product. Hope you can get it straightened out. Safe travels.

  4. Don't think I could handle SD for an entire month, but you sure found some great hiking, and beer. Those old ships are awesome. It is a beautiful coastline. Safe journey.

  5. When I finished your post tonight, I told John, "I think we have to go to San Diego. I've enjoyed Jim and Gayle's posts from there." You're good ambassadors for the area. We probably wouldn't spend a month there, however.

  6. I understand what you mean about being ready to leave the city after a month. We felt the same way:) Sunset Cliffs is such a beautiful area. Your photos are so nice. Looks like you are making the most of your last few days.

  7. Oh, wow...I wouldn't have wanted to be in the vicinity of the LD if Jim had to put that laptop back together again. LOL! I can't believe it has already failed again....well....on second thought, yes I can!

    Your Sunset Cliffs pictures are as beautiful as the night itself...

  8. And on Monday we're moving to Mission Bay for a few days. Do you feel us stalking you?

  9. That's the way I feel every time we leave San Diego...but I have to return each year since most of our family is there. For a big city, it's nice...but it's still a BIG CITY!

  10. Everyone seems to love SD but after they have dealt with the congestion for awhile, are ready to see it in their rear-view mirrors. Great photos you have captured. Jojoba will definitely be more laid back than SD, but sadly no ocean views. :(

    1. Yes, we are happy to be leaving SD. Hope to meet you this afternoon!

  11. Your photos are stunning, certainly capturing the beauty of the city and the coast. Looks like the wind was blowing there as well. Seeing those big planes coming so close to the downtown takes a little getting used to - being on one of them and landing there does too :-)) Glad you enjoyed your time there. Perhaps you'll return for a shorter stay.

  12. There are only a handful of touch pad makers out there used by the OEMs like Dell. If your touchpad was made by Synaptics, you might check their website for the generic updated drivers. I have had issues in the past where that has helped. They will tell you to download from your OEM but they still give you the option to try the generic driver.

    You can also try here for other touchpad drivers from Alps, Elan, etc. I ran a tech support center for 7 years and worked in the PC tech industry for over 20. While I was at AMD, I worked with all these touchpad guys for the AMD platforms. Drivers are a VERY common issue.


    1. Thanks Jay. It is a synaptics pad and I had updated the driver to attempt a repair and Dell did as well. Frankly, I think the problem is a software issue but don't know whether it is the driver or some other software causing the glitch.

      Luckily, since we have a touchscreen I can rely on it when the problem starts and/or restart it and that solves it till next time.