Sunday, November 29, 2015

More Mayo, New Computer, a Concert, and Fearless Kitties


Also a lovely full moon.


We had another busy week, with Jim having three doctor’s appointments, but he is doing well and unless some new problem turns up before we leave here in January he doesn’t have to return to the Mayo Clinic for another year.


A couple years ago we bought a used 3rd generation iPad from a friend. It does some things very well, but the longer we’ve used it the more frustrated we’ve become with it.  So after lots of research and shopping we ordered a Microsoft Surface 3 from Costco. They had a pre-Thanksgiving internet only sale on a bundle which included a keyboard/case and stylus. It was a really good deal, and so far we are both very happy with it.

View from McDowell Mountain site 63.


When we stayed at Cave Creek Regional Park several years ago we attended a free concert by Khani Cole, a local Phoenix jazz vocalist. We’ve always wanted to see her again, and when we heard she was performing a Joni Mitchell tribute at the Musical Instrument Museum on Thanksgiving Eve we decided to have a rare night out. After Jim’s 4pm appointment with the hematologist, we got out of the Mayo Clinic just in time for happy hour at BJ’s Brewhouse on the way to the concert. It was a great show, but we were disappointed that it was only an hour and 10 minutes long, including the encore. The good thing was we got home by 9:30!

Khani Cole is on the left. She has an excellent voice, as did the guy to her right, Obadiah Parker. And the MIM is a great venue for a show, a very intimate theater.


Since Thursday is my day to volunteer at Fearless Kitty Rescue in Fountain Hills, that is where I spent Thanksgiving morning while Jim finished setting up the new computer. I’ll take playing with cats any day over playing with computers.

This main room houses adult cats waiting for adoption. Most were sleeping in various places when I took this, but they have free roam of the room. Our cats wouldn’t know what to do with all that space to run around!


The volunteer’s job is to scoop litter boxes (hidden behind the Princess counter), move all the cat toys and furniture and sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors, and replenish the food and water bowls. And most importantly spend quality time petting, brushing, or playing with the cats. I never would have thought I would get so much satisfaction out of such hard work!


This room houses kittens that were saved from a local kill shelter. They are kept in cages until they’ve been checked out and spayed or neutered before they go up for adoption.


I don’t think these two will have much trouble finding homes.


Another sweet kitten.


This is Emile, the one-eyed cat that Jim fell in love with, and the reason he can’t go back to Fearless Kitty. I met the woman who fostered her and she said she is one of the sweetest cats she’s ever fostered.


Just one more thing. We heard from the owners of the lot we rented in Yuma last March, and they wanted to let us know it has not yet been rented, and wondered if we were interested. Since we aren’t sure we will make it back to Yuma this winter, I thought I’d mention it here in case anyone is looking for a  lot in the Yuma Foothills. It’s a really great location in an excellent neighborhood. It rents for $325/month including water and sewer. Tenant pays electric and garbage. If anyone is interested just let us know and we’ll give you the contact info for the owners.

Here is a photo of the lot, and they don’t rent out the park model so you have lots of privacy.



  1. Those kitties are so adorable! I'd have a hard time not bringing all of them home (we could change the name of our blog to Crazy Cat People). After we lost our almost 20-year old kitty last November, we made a pact that we would wait until we stop full timing to get another pet. But I don't know if that pact is going to hold up. :-) It's so great that you found a wonderful place to volunteer in your travels. Very inspiring.

    1. You are wise not to get another cat right now. We intended to do the same when our last cat died, but three weeks later these two kittens were found abandoned behind the RV park where we were workamping. We tried to find homes for them but three years later, it looks like they're ours for the long haul :-)

  2. That first photo is gorgeous!

    What a treat to see Khani again. Those kittens are so precious.

    Wouldn't you know. A year we aren't going to Yuma, a great place opens up. We love the Foothills.

    1. I forgot to mention, the lot and park model in Yuma are also for sale by owner, if you know anyone looking to buy there.

  3. You guys are getting the most out of MMP… I can't wait to ride there again.
    Box Canyon

  4. Always great to hear "see you in a year" from the doctor! Wonderful moon shots :-) We aren't big cat people, but a whole room full of those faces could sure soften that - those little gray kittens are soooo sweet!

  5. We would sure love to hear that David didn't have to go back to the clinic for a year. Congratulations Jim! Sorry you've been banned from the Kitty Rescue but I agree with Gail that 2 is enough.

  6. I couldn't volunteer at a pet place as I'd want to take them ALL home. Thank you for doing that. Great to hear Jim doesn't have to return to the doctor any time soon.

  7. Great to see what you are up to these days. Great news regarding the Dr visit! In the first pic there was a kitty on the left that so reminded me of Sophie. Hope you all had a good holiday though I can't imagine setting up the computer to be much fun!

  8. Beautiful desert shots! How nice to have an evening out and be home by a reasonable time...that'sour kind of night out!

    That is exactly the type of volunteer work I want to do. When we are settled in San Diego beginning in April and I have use of my parents car I plan on finding something like that to do.

  9. So good to hear that things went well for Jim:) I am sure you both feel a great relief:)

    I totally understand why Jim has been banned from the rescue! I would never survive there either. I'd have a MH full:)

  10. Glad Jim is all tuned up. Stay warm. It has been chilly in the desert this week.