Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More Hiking in Mojave National Preserve


We’ve moved on to new vistas but I still have some photos from our last couple of hikes in the Mojave Preserve I wanted to post. All week we had been looking at Banshee Peak, a rock formation directly behind the visitor center. For some reason we never took a photo so I borrowed this from the internet.


It looked like it might not be too difficult to climb up so we asked the very nice volunteer who said he had just done it and gave us some directions. There is no formal trail but we were able to pick our way up the rocks without too much trouble. It was steep but we made it almost to the top.


Visitor Center from above.


Hole in the Wall campground and Table Top Mountain in the distance.


Almost there.


Although it doesn’t look like it, the last climb up was a bit too technical for us. We read that it required climbing gear to reach the summit.


So we turned around and walked out on the adjacent ridgeline.




There are several nice primitive campsites below but no Verizon signal there.


Getting back down was not as bad as we thought it might be.


But a few places required some butt-scooting. Suzanne demonstrating how it’s done.



Since we were close to the trail we then took the Rings loop again through Banshee Canyon, Jim’s second time and Suzanne’s and my third.



Each time it was a bit easier getting up the rings.


It was a beautiful day and there was some really nice cloud action going on.



For our last hike we had hoped to try climbing up Table Top Mountain, a 7 mile round trip hike with no formal trail. Again the volunteer gave us great directions and even copied a couple pages out of a trail book for us. It turned out not to be, though, as Saturday was extremely windy and cold, so Jim backed out. Suzanne and I feared our route finding left a bit to be desired so we just hiked the beautiful six mile Barber loop from the campground for the second time, which made our fourth excursion up the rings. We never did get up the nerve to reverse our direction and try going down them. It just looked too intimidating.


We really enjoyed our week in the Mojave National Preserve. While there we had the pleasure to meet Richard and Janet, fulltime RVers for 19 years. Hope to see you again one of these days!

Next up, rocks, rocks, and more rocks in Joshua Tree National Park.


  1. Nice to meet the three of you too! May our trails meet again along the road. Maybe in OR this summer.
    Janet and Richard

  2. You definitely got your money's worth out of Mojave. Love Joshua Tree. Hidden Valley a must.

  3. I think those rings would be pretty tough going down as well, smart decision!

    Just looked at a map and I see Mojave is well positioned to bounce on to so many different places. We'll have to get our butts up there some day.

  4. You have definitely put the Mojave Preserve on my map. After reading about your did the rings so many times I actually think I'd try them. Really love your views from the top. It looks so quiet.

  5. Seeing those rings and your climb up Banshee Peak is getting me very excited to get to Moab, and better yet, Torrey, for some really climbing in the rocks. The rings look like so much fun. We most definitely need to get to the Mojave Preserve!

    We had a great time hiking Joshua Tree. I bought the National Geographic Trail map. It is so much better than the park maps. There are a million trails that you wouldn't know about just from the park VC. Next time we need to stay in Joshua Tree. Love those rounded boulders:)

  6. I told Terry last night that I am anxious to hear more about your time at Mohave Preserve. It looks fascinating and those rings are calling to me. :)