Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Silurian Dry Lake



Yesterday morning was still quite windy with intermittent drizzle, so we waited it out and by 11 the wind had died down and we decided to leave Catalina Spa to make our way towards Death Valley. Concerned that it might be too hot in Death Valley to dry camp and leave the cats in the Lazy Daze while we go off sightseeing and hiking all day, a couple weeks ago I began checking recreation.gov multiple times a day, and finally lucked into a three night cancelation at Furnace Creek campground for a full hookup site beginning today, March 8. We didn’t want to make the 283 mile drive in one day, so yesterday we drove about 190 miles to Silurian Dry Lake, BLM land about 20 miles north of Baker, CA.

There is absolutely nothing here but us, which means it’s amazingly quiet. We found a few flowers and creosote bushes on our walk through the dry lake bed.


And watched the sunset over the Avawatz Mountains.


The ground is hard and level enough that we didn’t have to disconnect the car so it’s a great place to overnight. And we have good Verizon 4G, which we will be losing as we enter Death Valley today. I hope to be able to post a few photos using the wifi at the visitor center. We would like to stay beyond our three night reservation, depending on the weather, so we may be out of touch for awhile. That is if Jim can stand being away from the internet. We’ll see.


  1. What a gorgeous setting. Enjoy the peace and beauty.

  2. Some offerings: There's a dump station directly across from the entrance to Furnace Creek Visitor Center where there is potable water.

    Dante's View is spectacular! If you don't mind heights, there's a short trail near the north end of the parking lot to another overlook.

    The road from Shoshone to Badwater is closed (was two weeks ago anyway) due to flash flood damage.

    There's a (rough) dirt road (south side) at the bottom (east side) of the hill on 374 (to Beatty) just beyond the cattle guard at the Nat'l Park Boundary. There is a large space about 500 feet from the highway (on the left going in) that I saw rigs the size of yours using.

    There are two "roads" off the road to Titus Canyon (off 374) that are also on BLM land. The boondocking spots are on the right going toward the canyon. Rough road...maybe scout first.

    Mesquite Springs Campground - Although the road to Scotty's Castle is closed, the road to Ubehebe Crater is open. I got water at Mesquite and toured it - It didn't seem as populated and may offer an alternative to Furnace Creek. Likewise with Stovepipe Wells; there appeared to be a lot of spaces available (when I was there two weeks ago).

    There is only regular gas a Stovepipe Wells (Eggbert runs premium) and the premium at Furnace Creek gave him the hiccups.

    I highly recommend the ballet performance ($20) at Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley Junction. Fri & Sat nights at 7:00 and Sun at 2:00. The $5.00 tour is well worth it too.

    Pahrump has Smith's, Albertson's, cheap gas, a library. Beatty has little more than water and gas. The grocery closed last year; the Food Mart and the small market at the RV Park have a few items.

    Happy Travels!!

    Wahnfried der Nomad

    1. Thanks for all the info. We were surprised to see gas at $3.19 at Furnace Creek, cheaper than in Baker.

  3. Hope you didn't have to shop in Baker. I got good signal by Furnace Creek and Texas Spring campground. Hope you're sniffing the flowers.

  4. That's a perfect spot-flat, empty, quiet and a beautiful sunset! Hope you get to see lots of the super bloom. I have never had your luck in picking up cancellations. Is there a secret?

    1. I just leave the reservation window open anytime I'm on the computer and refresh the page every so often. Once in awhile I get lucky that way.

  5. Desolate but pretty! Hope the flowers are still going strong at DV.

    We're heading to Anza Borrego in a few days...wonder if we'll see any flowers?!?!

  6. Good to hear you're getting a break from San Diego. I've heard the flowers are beginning to bloom in AB so you should time it just right.

  7. Glad you were able to get a spot in the park. We stayed there and had a wonderful site. They did a nice job with the park. Hope you are able to get a few more days or the weathers cools down for the kitties. Have an awesome time. Love that place!

  8. Wow, no kidding you were alone! Desolate, but with a haunting beauty. Hope you get to see the super bloom in Death Valley. Looking forward to your photos.

  9. Hi Guys! Wow, catching up on your blog since we last saw you at McDowell. Jim's facebook posts are entertaining but he never says what you up to. Will have to check this more often. Love your relaxed driving distances...on our way back to Wiscosnin we pulled off a 1,063 mile one day record from Clinton OK all the way to our driveway :-). Beautiful country your in there! - Dave and Rebecca, Cisco and Archie