Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Short Move to Hemet, CA


We spent 12 nights at Jojoba Hills, maxing out our allowed 28 nights per year, and we didn’t do one single hike. In fact we didn’t even walk much, but we did play pickleball every day and loved it. Yes, we are addicted. We also had a great time visiting with Terry and LuAnn, John and Linda, Andrea, Judy, and all the new people we met there this time. It’s a really nice park and we feel at home there. Who knows, we may still make it our home base one of these days.

Everything is blooming there now.




Terry and Lu enjoy good craft beer as much as we do, so one day after a great lunch at E.A.T. in Old Town Temecula, we stopped off for a couple flights at Aftershock Brewing Co. Their beer is excellent! We especially liked the Caramel Kid's Delight, a 9.9% alcohol Imperial Stout with peanut butter & cocoa nibs. Definitely a dessert beer.


But it was time to move on yesterday, and not wanting to begin heading north just quite yet, we found a good deal on a weekly rate ($139) at Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, just 28 miles north of Jojoba Hills.


This is a very nice park with lovely landscaping and very elaborate facilities, including 4 pickleball courts.


This morning we wandered over to them and there was just a guy giving someone a lesson, so we hit the ball around a bit when a few others showed up. More nice people, and we got to play quite a few games. Sometimes we even feel like we’re improving! Of course after next week who knows how long it will be before we play again.

We’re visiting friends who live in Hemet later this week and hope to do a hike with them while we’re here. I’ve enjoyed a little break from blogging but will get back to it more regularly when we return to doing something more interesting than hitting around a white plastic ball with paddles.


  1. We really enjoy playing pickleball also but haven't played for a very long time.

    I read that Judy loves that place so much, she has decided to make it home. Good for her.

    I loved reading LuAnn's posts. She is such a talented lady.

    Nice new park, and the price is great!

  2. I love that area of southern California. The years I lived in Carlsbad we always needed to take a few trips to the Hemet and Temecula areas. That was many years ago though when there wasn't so many people. LOL

  3. We haven't tried pickle ball yet, but intend to when we get to our new Jojoba lot in fall. If we find an opportunity to try it sooner, even better. My favorite place there is the beautiful, warm pool.

  4. It's great when you find a FUN SPORT that gives you a good workout. Instead of lunch, I played full court pickup basketball at the Rec centers for 25 years. Of course I had two hour lunch breaks cause I played with the boss :)).
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. Thanks for the park information. We have relatives not far from Hemet and that park sounds like a good value.

  6. The Pacific Beach Tennis Club sets up Pickle Ball on Sunday mornings. I have not played, but when you are in DeAnza Cove it is a short walk. Put those hiking boots back on - Idyllwild is just up the hill!

  7. Always nice to be having too much fun to blog :-) Old Town Temecula has added so many new buildings that it sure doesn't have the same great feeling it used to. But good beer can help to overlook that!

  8. Glad to hear you were having a nice "vacation:)" Spending time with Terry and LuAnn sounds perfect:) Everyone who tries pickleball comes away loving it. One day we'll give it a try.

  9. That's the only problem with pickleball and fulltiming, scarcity of courts in the areas we like to travel!

    We liked Aftershock as well. I remember loving a milk stout with horchata.

  10. yep we enjoy pickleball too and like Mark I worked in a Rec Center and also played pickup hoops at lunch... my knees are paying the price though and one day will have to go under the knife if I want to keep as active as I like to be

  11. Beautiful flowers! Jojoba must be lovely just now. I hope to see it one day. Seems like lots of folks whose blogs I read were out there with you. What fun! Have never played pickleball. Seems a funny name for a ball game.

  12. Once we had sex, drugs, and rock and it's pickleball. Seems like our generation is loving that sport. Glad to hear you guys have enjoyed your vacation, but it's time to get back to work ;-)

  13. Lol, Chris. But I would love to learn. Will you teach me, Gayle?

    1. Of course, although I'm such a lousy player you probably don't want me for a teacher! I can't remember if you used to be a racquetball player, but if so I think that helps quite a bit. You should check around and see if there are any courts in your area and if they loan out paddles so you and John can give it a try. Maybe he would stay away from the golf course so often if he took to pickleball :-)

  14. We are so happy to have gotten more time to visit, enjoy a few brews and meals, and play some pickleball. Safe travels to you two until we meet again.