Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall in Grand Teton National Park


Despite a couple days of off and on rain and cold temperatures, it has been beautiful here in Grand Teton NP. We rode our bikes along the paved  trail to Jenny Lake, a very nice ride with great views of the mountains.



Saw one pronghorn along the way.


Stopped to use an outhouse and found this sign above the toilet. It was the first time I’ve ever seen this. I don’t even think it would be physically possible for me to sit like the the picture on the left without falling over!


Crossing over the Snake River.



There is a trail just past the campground along the Gros Ventre River that goes for a couple miles towards the small town of Kelly, WY. If you’re staying in Gros Ventre it’s the closest post office to receive general delivery mail. The office here will also accept Fed Ex and UPS packages, so we are waiting on a few things to arrive.

Views from the campground trail.



Mountain blue birds are very prolific here.


A dead tree on the river just behind our site provides a good hunting spot for this osprey.


Each day the leaves on the trees turn a bit more yellow.


A couple miles down the road on the way to Jackson, this spot on the Gros Ventre river is a hang-out for moose. We’ve seen them in the afternoons a couple of times. There’s always a line of cars pulled over taking photos.



And Jim emailed the shelter in Hailey, ID the other day to find out if anything was happening with the cats. Just so happened that very day Sophie went to a new home in Ketchum, along with another black and white shelter cat, Lucy, where they will have a big barn and tack room that they can go in and out of as they please. She should be very happy there, as she wanted to be outside all the time.

Elvis, on the other hand, was transferred to Simply Cats, a cat only shelter in Boise, where they hope he will have a better chance of being adopted. The shelter manager in Hailey said they haven’t had much interest in adult cats lately, and they just didn’t want him to have to stay there long-term since he was not pleased to be there and they are overcrowded. This new shelter sounds really nice so hopefully they will find him a home soon. They changed his name, which we think is odd, but they said they had another Elvis recently. Poor guy, shipped to Boise to a new place where they are calling him Wyoming, of all things!


  1. That sign is cultural discrimination. How dare we dictate to others how to take a crap!

    1. We must lead a sheltered life. What culture takes a crap like that?

    2. I was born in Indonesia (many moons ago) and that used to be the norm. It might still be in rural areas for all I know. Rural China 20 years ago also had literal "hole in the ground" toilets, so I imagine a number of cultures still squat to take care of business. I'm guessing toilet seats make it a tad more difficult.

  2. Middle easterners. In the Saudi restrooms we designed for the refineries, there had to be two sets of toilet facilities. Squatters and sitters.

    1. Thanks, Barney, I learn something new every day!

    2. It's not just "Middle Easterners," but Far Easterners as well. Particularly India, China, and most of Southeast Asia, one must look far and wide to find a "western toilet," most assuredly guaranteed to be found in the lobby of western hotel chains...or McDonalds. Otherwise, it's a squat toilet.

    3. (...and Jim thought Mexico was inconvenient.) ;-)

  3. I saw the same bathroom sign in Alaska and again at Yellowstone. Apparently the squatters are breaking the seats, so signs are posted in all bathrooms/outhouses.

  4. Human physiology is designed to take squat-craps, which is why it's healthier. Even here in America you can find poop-stools that help raise your legs into a more natural position. After all, the sit-crap has only been around for a few thousand years so we haven't had time to evolve to it yet.

  5. Beautiful pics of the river and that amazing blue sky. How fun to see moose!!

  6. WHAT? Who but a child could do what that outhouse sign shows. How funny.
    Gorgeous photos!
    Thanks for the update on the furkids. Hope Elvis gets his act together so some nice family can adopt him.

  7. Good to get an update on the kitties. That sign is HI-larious!

  8. Hmmmm...I thought squatting to poop was generally over a hole, not on a commode!

    Wyoming sure is a mouthful for a cat! But I'm sure he'll be better off at a cat only shelter.

  9. Haven't posted squatters signs at the canyon, yet. But with all the Asian and Middle Eastern visitors it will probably happen before too long. Gorgeous scenes to ride and hike in. Glad the cats are doing well.

  10. The bike trail looks wonderful. Not bad views at all:)

    Glad to hear Sophie went to home. I'm surprised they didn't take Elvis knowing he went with Sophie and they took two cats! Hope Elvis likes his new cat only shelter better. Wyoming!? Really!

  11. Informative post!:)
    My David wants to call about one of our cats we rehomed a year ago....convinced him him we are better off just thinking good thoughts.
    Wish we were there...90 s here.

  12. We saw those signs all over YNP and the Tetons. We were told by our friends that with all the Asian visitors coming to the NP's the past several years, the parks felt the need to post these signs as many seats were being broken. So glad to hear that Sophie was adopted. Hopefully Elvis will be soon as well.

  13. Beautiful area:) I will pass on the toilet issue:)