Saturday, October 27, 2018

Last Days in Virgin

Our two weeks here have passed quickly. On our last two days we biked part of the JEM trail, which we can access by riding from our site and going up nearby Sheep Bridge Rd.


The section we rode is the easier lower portion that goes right along the edge of the Virgin River canyon, although there were quite a few rocky places where I had to walk the bike.



The river had more water than we’ve seen, due to the two days of rain we had earlier in the week.


Yesterday we took a nice easy four mile hike on some other nearby bike trails, including parts of  Dead Ringer, More Cowbell, and the JEM. If you make it up a gnarly section you get to ring the cowbell.


The trail you see the biker on was a little too on the edge for my level of biking comfort.




We were walking one mesa below Gooseberry Mesa, another great place to hike or bike. The possibilities are endless around here.




Jim, Chris, Bobbie and Mark.




Last evening everyone came over happy hour, along with our Airstream neighbors up the road, John and Charmaine. We met Charmaine four years ago while doing laundry at the Escapees park in Coarsegold, CA, and she recognized our Lazy Daze and came by the other day. It was nice getting to meet John, too. We had lots to talk about, as they are also into hiking and biking. It was a fun ending to our stay here in Virgin, but it’s time to move on.

And an update on our Japanese neighbors, shown here doing their morning calisthenics just outside of Chris’s door. (We have lots of windows, it’s hard not to look. Smile ) Turns out they are climbers, and yesterday attempted this climb up Moonlight Buttress in Zion. We’re impressed!

Chris spoke with them this morning and said they made it halfway up, but are attempting it again on Monday. They have been gone most of the time and are very quiet while they are here, so it hasn’t been a problem with them being so close.


Next stop, Boulder City, NV.


  1. Next time you will ring the Cowbell, Gayle...then shag da monkey :)

  2. How nice of the rains to make your ride even more scenic. I can never get over those brown western rivers. Love the bell and I’m with you on riding that narrow a trail on the edge. Such wonderful scenery all around. Glad the pushy neighbors turned out to be gone most of the time. Still odd. Wonder if they wanted to be right in the middle for protection in the American “wild west”. :-)

  3. Mark!! For godz sake!! This is a *fambly* blog!! (shag duh munky! sheeesh!)

  4. No cowbell ringing for me, that I am certain. Thanks for sharing another glimpse of some beautiful country.