Friday, January 9, 2009

It’s been a quiet week in Lake Elephant Butte…

P1080164  Hard to believe  another week has gone by. We paid for 9 more nights here today since we are enjoying it so much. The views from all of our windows are spectacular and we can’t believe how pretty the sunsets and almost full moon have been. 

P1080162Have spent the days hiking, doing things around the RV, reading, cooking, etc.  Met our other LD neighbor, Debbie, who has been full-timing with her dog and cat  since Feb ‘07.  I went for a bike ride yesterday for the first time in  almost a month. It was finally warm and not windy, which hasn’t happened much here so far.  Jim stayed home and bored our other neighbor, Andy, with insurance talk. Actually Andy is the one who asked for Jim’s help since he is buying a car and wanted some advice. They were still at it when I got back from my ride.

P1070152 P1070153 Jim took these cactus photos on the trail from the campground. These are the only ones with flowers this time of year. Looking forward to seeing the others in the spring.

Got a package from Jim’s brother, Travis, today. A pair of 32” waist jeans that he couldn’t wear.  Jim was pleasantly surprised that they fit him perfectly.  We are awaiting our new water softener and a bra for the car that we ordered this week. The visitors center here is kind enough to allow mail or packages to be sent here so we are taking advantage of it.

P1080161 Leaving you with a view from our campsite . Until next time……..

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  1. hello - does this work - went to dinner with your other best friends - ozone - oh well. ae