Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kartchner Caverns/Ramsey Canyon


Spending a few days at Kartchner Caverns State Park near Benson, AZ.  It’s a very nice park with great views of the nearby mountains.  Temps have been in the mid 70’s so just about perfect. What we’re not used to is when the sun goes down it gets cold  very fast. Been in the low 30’s at night. Hiked one of the park trails yesterday but decided not to go on the Caverns tour since we just recently went to Carlsbad.

Spent today at Ramsey Canyon Preserve,  a natural area near Sierra Vista, AZ. It’s a beautiful park owned by the Nature Conservancy.  There is a stream running along the lower part of the hiking trail and then the trail climbs steeply to the top of a mountain.

 P2210306 P2210305 

More beautiful views and we saw lots of wildlife. Several mule deer and dozens of wild turkeys walked across the trail to get a drink out of the stream.

    P2210310   P2210308

We were passed on the way down the trail by 3 Border Patrol officers heading up. There were signs at the visitors center warning us to be on the watch for bears and mountain lions, and also smugglers and illegal aliens who could be armed and dangerous!  Spoke with one of the volunteers as we were leaving and she said they are there every day. The Mexican border is  only 8 miles away and apparently they are always finding bad guys near the trails. Luckily we didn’t see any, at least not this time!  Tomorrow we’re off to Tucson.

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