Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Canyon/Deming, NM

P2110303 After our snow day on Tuesday, yesterday turned out much better. Sunny, blue skies, no wind and warmer. Went over to Spring Canyon, the day use area of Rockhound. Hiked the Lovers Leap trail, another leg busting climb but worth the effort for the views. No leaping off the mountain for either of us!




Met this cow right by the road on our way back to the campground. She was chewing on a cactus, drooling like crazy. It looked painful but she seemed to be eating happily. This is open range country, so no fences. Haven’t seen any out in the road yet.


Today went into Deming for the first time. It was recommended that we go to the Luna Mimbres Museum. Quite an interesting and unique collection of miscellaneous. Everything from local history to art to pottery, dolls, saddles, vintage vehicles, contents of old offices,  old whiskey bottles, cameras, rocks, you name it!

Met a couple other full timers this afternoon. Another guy in a Lazy Daze and a woman in a small, older Class C.  There is a surprisingly large community of  RVers wintering in Mexico, moving from one state park to another. We’ve already met up with a couple  of them more than once. Glad to be a part of it!

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