Friday, October 1, 2010

On The Way to The Balloon Fiesta

We had a busy week running errands, shopping, doctor’s appointments, laundry, etc. Not a lot of fun, but we are done and leaving soon for our big 13 mile drive to the Balloon Fiesta Park. We actually stopped by there yesterday to see where we would be parking, and talked to Linda, who organized the Lazy Daze group. There were already 7 rigs there, and 10 are expected to arrive today, with more to come over the next week.

We have volunteered to crew one of the balloons, and we are assigned to a German balloon. Jim didn’t want to work in the morning (they launch really early), so we are going to help on one of the evening balloon glow nights, where they don’t actually launch them, just light them up for everyone to see. Should be fun. I am also going to help crew on one of the morning launches, but even if I were invited, I have no desire to go up in one.

While here at Coronado Campground, we’ve taken an evening walk every night along the Rio Grande. It’s been so hot, we had to wait until the sun was almost down. Luckily it does cool off quickly at night.




Stay tuned for lots of balloon pictures next post.

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